One day I was on SSHL (Sam Stones Hotline) and Red Pheonix and Some Loser were talking about RIP. I did not realise it at the time but my life was doomed to be changed from the next week. I enquired "what is RIP?" and found out that they were actually talking about Rest In pieces, a Myth TFL map. I did play TFL but not online so once they told me the full name I knew what they were talking about.

Now I wanted to Download this map for Myth II, but, I was informed that no one had ported it over to Myth2. Bravely I announced to the room "Im going to convert RIP to myth2". That was it I was set, no turning back after that.

After downloading countless programs from tag editing for MythTFL it was not looking good. Then I stumbled across a neat Little program called "Texture Pro" which spat out the .bmp for that map I want and a shadow map to complement it. I was now part way into the stage preparing to go into loathing. Next I used another lil program called MythTech which extrated all the other maps I was going to need, eg Displacment map, reflecting, passability etc.

MythTFL uses different colours than MythII so into photoshop I went, and, with my magic wand tool i changed all the colours and converted all the graphics to .picts.

Hours in Loathing now pass............

Time to add units...Oh No...Forest Giants and Fir'Bolg....what to do....I played around for a bit trying to extrat the files but mythTFL uses very strange names for its tags. Forest Giant = ent.....hmmmm nice i can see the resembalance. Anyway I remebered a map from creation had it on and chimera had fir'Bolg. So using a veriety of tool i got the files out. Into Fear and made them TFL like.

Hours in Fear and Loathing.........

Map Out.....

Hours on ICQ and MythTFL and MythII with Some Loser, modifying the FG to get it at a perfect match in power etc to TFL, and Beta testing this mesh.


STRIKE - For the conversion of all the maps, adding of scenery, units etc. to the map.

Some Loser - For help with the FG mod's and the testing of the mesh.

Mormith - For creating the awsome Forest Giant I have used on this mesh.

Badlands - Creation of the fir'Bolg which I pinched from Chimera.

Bungie - For creating the brilliant map in the first place.

Programs Used

Tag Extractor
and MythII : Soulblighter




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