Red Sand, Black Blood

by Bellendaine

version 1.0

Between the Dire Marsh, and the fallen Trow cities the ground is red from the iron sediment, left adrift in the churning waters Connacht unleashed upon the Trow. Unlike the ruined homelands of the Trow the grass is not poisoned by metals in the ground, and still grows green in the spring to which it shifts its noble hues to an august amber in the fall. These are the lands where the Dwarves still hold their ancient games. They invite not only rival clans but all manners of warring enemies. Rivalry nor feud, they do no justice to the abject enmity between Ghol and Dwarf – both bent on genocide, neither could ever forget hatreds too old to remember. While other games, both light and dark, are fought on these fields, none are as famous as the Dwarven games, and none as fierce as when the Ghols compete.

Red Sand, Black Blood is a six-team ffa map with three flavors:

  • Normal: 2/4 Dwarves; 4/8 Archers; 4/8 Berserkers; 8/12 Brigands; 6/8 bre'Unor; 3/6 Ghols; 1/2 Journeymen; 1/3 Wights
  • Trow: 1/1 Trow; 2/4 Mortars; 0/1 Warlock; 4/8 Soulless; 4/8 Myrkridia; 6/12 Mauls; 6/12 Spiders; 8/16 Ghasts
  • Dwarven: a unique blend of the following for each game type: Dwarves, Mortars, Dwarf Heroes, Ghols, Wights, Journeymen, Thrall, Fetch, Soulless, Trow, and Spiders

Note that on the dwarv en games variety, you can add intemittent rain by playing on the Legendary difficulty setting.


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