Myth 2 : Reborn


Thanks for downloading Myth 2 : Reborn, the largest Myth 2 multiplayer map pack ever made, containing twenty five net maps, in a single small download. How is that possible? It is possible because each and every one of these maps is based upon a Myth 2 single player colour map, no maps were left unconverted!*

This project was actually started by me a good amount of time ago (almost two years!), but for some reason I abandoned it (hey, that's just me!). Well, to relieve some of the monotony of my other projects, I elected to quickly finish the seven remaining maps. And I have! Along with adding a few extras, tweaks and other stuff.
New Units
* I skipped level 15 : Walls of Muirthemne because it is the same as level 17 : Redemption
29 March 2003
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