Blades of the Realm

a Myth II campaign by Alric Stormking

Welcome to Blades of the Realm, a collossal and continous Myth conversion(not necessarily a total conversion) made by Alric Stormking and no other! You have just downloaded the tagset, which will give you eons of unceasing fun. Expect to see maps, both solo and multiplayer, in the near future.

This conversion takes place in the dimension from which the Fetch came, but it is by no means about the Fetch. The events center around the Realm, a powerful Undead kingdom torn by civil war and rebellion, and the ghol tribes that seek to defeat it and regain their homeland. The Realm is a feudal society with a complex caste system, governed by Warlocks and undead barons.

Recently Kyrilla, the sorceress from Chimera, emerged out of nowhere with a powerful army and forced the barons under her control with an iron fist. The Realm knew stability for the first time, although freedom did not exist. Then, rebellious lords rose up against the crown, falsely promising liberty and freedom from the caste system to the peasantry. The royal forces met them in battle and were destroyed in a climatic rout, their generals dead or scattered. If the Queen is to triumph, she will need a new commander to marshal the fresh levies from the cities and towns, and to rally the survivors into a powerful warhost that can match the rebels in the field...

While reading this complex manual is recommended, you can just stick the plugin in your plugins folder, activate it in Multiplayer, and start playing. It is recommended to extract the tags using Tag Extractor or Topaz from Vista and making them into your local folder for the full single-player experience.

Please try multiplayer Blades of the Realm as well! It features all-new unit choices and new sounds for things like "Flag Captured" and "30 seconds remaining!" Plus dynamic netgame music, ghol chants and dramatic Myth TFL tracks too!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction-you are here!
  2. Map of the Realm
  3. Features
  4. Storyline
  5. Units
  6. Levels
  7. Credits

Legal Stuff

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created mostly with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Alric Stormking (

Hey, I'm not supposed to tell you this, or I'll get in big trouble, but here it is. I think that the Nine Avatara are the nine Mjolnir Mark IV military cyborgs of Marathon!!! Could Alric be the Marine? Thanks to J.L. Chamberlain for thinking this up... If you read this don't tell anyone or the MS goons trying to contain Bungie's religion will be after you too!!! The tru7h is out there!(insert cheesy X-files music)...