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 Release Notes
This map differs a small bit from the Bungie maps and stock units, so here's a few notes to be aware of:

  • There are three version of this map: Light, Dark, and Artillery. The Artillery version features Warlocks, Mortar Dwarves, Dwarven Heroes, Fetch, Bowmen, bre'Unor, and two untradeable Journeymen. The Dark version features Mauls, Stygian Knights, Brigands, Heron Guard Heroes, Mortar Dwarves, Wights, Soulless, Ghols and an untradeable Warlock. The Light version features Berserks, Stgyian Knights, Warriors, Thrall, Ghols, Wights, Bowmen and two untradeable Journeymen.

  • The Light and Artillery assassin targets are the Journeymen. The Dark assassin target is the Warlock.

  • The Mortar Dwarf has been altered. His range is now more competitive with the Warlock, and I've turned off the 'use constant pitch' flag, which makes his close-in trajectories a little more interesting. Mortars were getting their butts kicked on the Artillery version, so I gave the little guy a fighting chance.

  • Flag Rally has eight flags, which means there is no 'home' flag for the center team. This is not a bug.

  • The 'Archer Posted' hunting targets are sometimes in range of starting positions, which means, frequently, the default units will begin attacking during trading. This is not a bug.

  • Near each starting position, there is a single Dwarven Mortar Sitting, which is essentially an unexploded Dwarven Mortar shell. Unlike a mortar dud, the sittings will explode if picked up and thrown by ghols. At least, most of the time.
 Known Bugs
In the few days this map has been released, a few bugs have cropped up. There will be an update, though not likely for a couple weeks.

  • One of the ramps up the the plateaus in the south of the map has passability that does not match the texture and displacement maps.

  • The NW mountain pass has passability that does not match the texture and displacement maps.

  • Assassin on all three mesh versions awards points for killing of wildlife.

  • The 'Archer Posted' hunting targets give visibility to the host on Hunting.

  • Occasionally at certain angles the water appears to flicker. This is a result of improperly aligned media layer, relfection, and displacement maps.