"Picket Fences"

About this map

Picket Fences is a map plugin for MythII: Soulblighter. It is used for netgames on TCP/IP or BungienetTM.

Picket Fences places the battle in a small town.... very small. Unique strategies and unique units are the meat of this map. There are 4 variants, and it's good to know a little about each. Picket Fences has 4 starting points.

"Light Side" is a fairly traditional unit arrangement, much like the original "Dance on your Grave". If the difficulty is set to Heroic, each player will recieve 4 Ghols. Set it to Legendary, and each player gets 1 Warlock of Fire.

"Dark Invasion" is the anti-thesis of "Light Side". The strategies for this map are much more evil, no pun intended. For instance: you can use fetch to strike down incoming fireballs.

"Dwarf Riot" has the tightest unit arrangement... 6 original Balins and 1 movable Cannon. For assassin, the 6 Balins are the targets. This map is meant for players who love to blow stuff up!

"Mega Dwarf Fest" is an expanded version of "Dwarf Riot". Dwarven Minelayers have the ability to lay nearly invisible mines that detonate when someone (even wildlife!) walks over them. The Journeymen possess mass healing, capable of turning an entire platoon of undead into hamburger. Ghol, Cannons, and Thrall by the dozens round out the festivities. Practically guaranteed to turn this lovely little town into a blackened sheet of wasteland.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Khaavren -fs- for the Dwarven Minelayer and High Journeyman units.

This map was made using Fear and Loathing, despite the bugs they are excellent tools.

Thanks to Electrofryer for the original inspiration and basis from which to go on.

Thanks to the whole VRHL crowd for their playtesting and feedback. Too many names to mention =P

Thanks to the rest of the Vista crowd, for their tools (vodi's amber is indispensable), feedback (especially Ripp and Fisj for being my biggest critics), and the others I forgot to mention. Everyone deserves a piece of the credit.

How to use this plugin

To use this plugin put the 'Picket Fences' plugin into the 'Plugins' folder found inside your 'Myth II' folder.

About Vista

Vista is a group dedicated to the production of high quality 3rd party Myth II plugins. These include new maps, units, models and virtually any editable aspect of Myth II.

We currently number eleven members, all of whom have knowlege in editing and making plugins for the original Myth. Previous work from members includes maps such as Appalacian Hot Springs, If I had a Yeti, Blunt Force Trauma, Torpidinium and the Unity gors. We have the programmers who wrote such applications as Piri Reis, Amber, and Sapphire. Four of us were also involved in the Daimyo project (now disbanded).

Go to our website for more maps along with invaluable tips and info on making your own.

Fine Print

By using this plugin you are agreeing to the terms specified in the accompanying legal document. All appropriate graphics (C) 1997, 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of these Plugins made with Fear and/or Loathing (C) 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation.