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Welcome to the Official home of the PDGA.
This site is dedicated to playing golf using the platform game Myth.
To see your impression for this page, as well as your vital technological demographics, check the 'visitors' page.
Note: Many images on this sight, while edited, enhanced and altered, originate from the game Myth: The Fallen Lords, which is made by Bungie Software.
All rights, copy and otherwise, are retained by Bungie Software, and any images Bungie wishes to be removed will be done so immediately at their discretion.

Just see what they've had to say about PDGA Golf!


8/28/99 Saturday!

We've moved! - Kelstek

We have a new site. :) Head to http://www.mythnews.com/pdga/ and check it out!

8/20/99 - Update! Fabulous Friday

The PDGA gets easier to find!

New site URL!
Thanks to Isolder for the suggestion.
We're still located at http://ils.unc.edu/~duezm/golf/, but you can now reach us at http://pdga.cjb.net/! For your typing pleasure. Note that all of the old links will still work, but this'll make it easier for folks to find us.

If you missed it earlier, be sure to download the first PDGA map for Myth II: Fore!. (454k) It's a remake of the original "Fore!" map. I'm waiting until I've spiffed it up with some scripting before posting it to the Mill, so find it here for now.

8/20/99 Fabulous Friday

Myth II version of "Fore!"

Golf can now really be played!
Welp, I hacked up a Myth II version of the old PDGA Map, "Fore! - The PDGA Course". You can download it here for now. (454k) I have yet to add any scripting or make it especially cool, but it's nice enough for the moment. Enjoy!

Let me know about any problems you may have with it. Thanks!

8/18/99 Wednesday -- Woot!

Firin' up the engines!

Golf is being played!
I have several recent additions to the ranks of the PDGA to put up in the Members section -- don't despair, I'm working on a site redesign and thereby am waiting to update the members list until then.

The Discussion Forum, has seen some use lately, confirming that Myth Golf (PDGA) is still alive! Feel free to use the Forum to post golfing time prospects to coordinate with others.

7/30/99 Friday -- Have a Great Weekend!

Golf brought to the Fore last night!
Welp, answered my own question last night as to whether there are still folks who enjoy the occasional game of golf. People still frequent the site (I've noted up to 20 visits a day [!]), but I wasn't sure if that was curiosity or interest in playing. Hosting a game with the intent of getting a Free For All going, I accidentally left an old game name on -- "Quick Golf Game".
Whaddya know, but that 4 people jumped in!

Yoshitsune, Adip, and Hannibal and I had a rousing round of golf.
Was a pleasure, gents. Additionally, I've continued to get votes about having a golf tournament.

I've noted all of this on the Discussion Forum, where anyone's welcome to post. Glad to see that a good time can still be had by all with some PDGA-style club swingin'.

7/13/99 Wednesday

Hey! You!
Do you still play PDGA Golf in Myth or Myth II? Should I rev the ole engine back up and revise the site? If there are still PDGA-playing folks out there, Let me know!.

9/14/98 Tuesday

Carnage Fans, Apply Within... - Kelstek

Vaen, a recent PDGA inductee (other recent members: Zeronova, Imperator, Isolder (aka "Tiger Dwarf" ;), Sinis, Hamsterloaf and TABACman) posted quite a benevolent offer on the PDGA Discussion Forum. Golf fans (especially ones who've played Golf on Carnage), be sure to check this out.

9/14/98 Monday *groan*

46 and growing... - Kelstek

Our numbers now total forty-six members.
[Members, expect a PDGA mailing list update sent out within the week.]
Let me reiterate what I said last week about the PDGA:
"I hope everyone realizes that the PDGA is not an order -- it's more of a community of folks who all enjoy playing Dwarven Golf. It's by no means exclusive."
Fore! - Kelstek

In other news, "Fore!", the first PDGA course, is rapidly nearing completion.
Here's a quick teaser of the newest features:
  • Professional Dwarven Golfers:
    • About 5x Trow health (20 stacked satchels = kinda hurt)
    • 99 Satchels
    • Immunity to Lightning
  • Wedges:
    • About 5x Trow health (20 stacked satchels = kinda hurt)
    • Faster than a Trow
    • Immunity to Lightning
To ensure that "Fore! - The PDGA Course" is as good as it can possibly be, your comments are needed! Please post comments on the board under "Place comments here." Thanks.

9/11/98 Friday

Yet Another Member - Kelstek

Another member's joined our ranks. Welcome, Starspiral!

I hope everyone realizes that the PDGA is not an order -- it's more of a community of folks who all enjoy playing Dwarven Golf. It's by no means exclusive.

New Members! - Kelstek

Two folks have joined up! Greetings and salutations to Siclops and Man from Nan.
Slight Site Facelift - Kelstek

Hopefully this is more readable. :)
Golfers Teeing Off! - Kelstek

We're accepting members again here at the PDGA.
I've played several games on "Fore!" now, and I must say, it's a blast!
Rahl, Kag, FongSaiYuk and Froob all seem to think so, too. But, what do YOU think?
Tell the world!
PDGA Golf is a whole new game on "Fore!".

9/10/98 Thursday

Links and news fixed!
The (noncorrupted) Public Beta (Beta 4a) of the PDGA map is up and ready for download!
Grab it here
or grab it there
Dig those clubs out of the garage and get on the course!
By the way, I'm still looking for par on these holes...I expect them to be 3 or 4 par -- let me know what you think on the PDGA Discussion Forum.

9/9/98 Wednesday

Thanks for the discussion on the PDGA board, folks!
I'm going to release a PDGA beta tonight, but it'll be the only public beta release before the final release. Go there to read my more in-depth response.
Also, I'm actively looking for beta-testers for the course. If you're interested, do this: download the Beta, check it out, and if you have comments and are interested in beta testing the updates, email me!

9/8/98 Tuesday

I apologize to the folk who've recently sent in their PDGA Member Application: the links on this site (including the sign-up form) were still using an outdated (invalid) email address. My apologies, most if not all of the links have been fixed and now point properly to mailto:duezm@ils.unc.edu?PDGA Comments. Again, sorry for the mix up!

-Old News-

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