Operation Shade

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  • Using the units effectivly
    - The units
    - Special abilities and weapons
    - Unit trading
  • Using the levels to your advantage
    - Stratagies
    - Good locations
  • Tips and hints
    - Helpful notes
  • Links
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  • Using units effectively -

    The annoying part of any and every plug is mastering the units. You have to go through the trouble of learning how to use each unit well enough to beat the other players who have more experience. In this section we will explain exactly how to use the units effectively. Pictures, stats, and descriptions of the units can be found here. If you have already been there and have seen what there is, it is now time to continue.

  • Light infantry - This is the most commonly seen unit in "Operation: Shade." The light infantry is basically not a hard unit to master. You point, you click, and you shoot. The only thing that might take a little time to learn is how to use his weapons effectively.

    - Land mines: Be careful where you lay these things. When laying land mines it's not a good idea to try and pick them up again to move them to a different location. If you try this you will find your soldier gets blown to bits. You also must not lay them than forget where they are. The land mines are hard to see in the snow which makes it very easy to kill your own army accidently. A good strategy for the land mines is to hide them in bushes. They are not visible, but they kill with ease.

    - Standard grenade: A basic weapon with devastating effects. Use it with accuracy and precision, for a mistake could cost you a couple guys. Never throw grenades when your army is near by, unless your intention is to kamikaze, or you have very good aim.

    - Flash grenades: These are not a very damaging weapon. How ever they are very useful against groups of armies. Throw one into a crowd and watch the flash grenade disorient every one, causing them to fire at each other, or whoever is closest. Remember the flash grenade will make any one who is close enough to the blast go crazy and fire at whoever is closest...even your own army.

  • Heavy infantry - Effective killers to say the least. Heavy infantry units are slightly harder to use in combat. Their long range and big blasts cause mistakes on the battle field. Like a dwarf, every now and then friendly fire occurs. The rockets can definitely change the tide of a war. Though costly in unit trading, their well worth their firepower. Remember that heavy infantry is a fairly weak unit, and it is imperative you keep guards by them at all times. They make easy targets for groups of prowling light infantry units.

  • Armored Personnel Carriers - A useful unit when you know how to use them. These vehicles can take the fire of many infantry units. How ever, they are not well armored on their belly so land mines are a big threat. You must watch carefully because land mines are the number one APC killer. APCs have the ability to pick up, and drop off units. They also have twin linked machine guns mounted on top of the main frame. Though the APC is a good transport, it is limited to places to travel. It can not traverse a mountain side or travel across ice due to the risks of the APC sinking or overturning. The APC is all together a very useful unit.

  • Attack Dog - They are just what they sounds like. Basic strategy is to point and click. Though they are extremely weak and die quickly from most forms of fire, they are very deadly. The best use is going for unprotected heavy infantry with these beasts. They are not as good as light infantry, but they are worth it if you want to go cheap when it comes to unit trading.

  • Turrets - Basic base defense. There's not much you can do with these except wait for the enemy to come around. It is advisable to keep infantry in the base along with the turrets for back up. Turrets are powerful, but grenades can do lots of damage in quick time. We recommend at least one turret when the option is available.

    Using levels to your advantage -

  • Snowy Falls - 01 - This is a big level with lots of dirt, snow, and blizzards. There are a lot of good places to hide and take cover in. Most of them are listed below.
  • Trenches - The name says it all. There are lots of ditches, and long treches through out the map. Most are around the middle seeing as that is where most of the battles take place. If you are being shot at the treches can save you, but they also have dangerous draw backs. When in a trench it is a smart idea to run if infantry gets too close, reason being is they can throw grenades down into the trench causing bloody piles of bodies to go flying.
  • Snow Mounds - Around the map are big mounds of snow all over. You can get behind them for cover, or go on top of them for longer range. There is really no draw back except when throwing a grenade, they tend to roll down the hill in the wrong direction.

  • The Severed Lake - 02 - This is a pretty big level with a lake of ice, barbed wire, and bases. This map is filled with trenches and ditches to take cover in, but there are a couple key features.
  • Base Defense - If playing territories, or capture the flag, it is a smart idea to focus on base defense. We advise you spend a lot of multiplayer points on turrets that get posted around your base. A trench or rise in the land outside your base is means of good cover. In front of the trenches are usually barbed wired fences. Use this all toward your advantage in the defensive front.
  • The Bridge - The bridge on this level has been frozen into what had once been a running river. The bridge is where allot of battles take place, which in itself makes the bridge on of the more fun features on this map. The bridge is the only place an APC can cross from the top half to the bottom half of the map, and it is a popular site for land mines.

    Tips and Hints -

    That's right, we do offer some tips and hints considering we probably know the most out of any one person on this earth, "for this plug any way."
  • Watch your heavy infantry like a hawk. It's commen for a player to focus some where else on the map and than here the words "casualties," and find thier heavy infantry ripped apart by attack dogs.
  • Careful with APC's, landmine's will quickly destroy the un-armored belly of this vehicle.
  • When in the treches.... watch for grenades!
  • Don't forget to use a units special ability(s) before it dies.
  • Turrets are good, with out them, your defence is minimal. This is only in cases of territories and capture the flag.
  • Your bases offer the most cover out of any other location on the map. Use them as your stronghold, and don't let them go.
  • Don't paratroop men into impassable terrain!
  • Attack dog's are visicious killers, use them when you think the enemy isn't watching his group of soldiers.
  • Read the whole guide, and don't skip parts. The unit page also helps.

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