North Zerk Forty v2.0

By Clan of the Bear [cb]

North Zerk Forty was designed with Rugby in mind, but also features a variety of other games set in a football stadium, complete with bleachers, columns, working end-zones, a press box, down markers, a true football, and even restrooms for those fans roaming about.

NZ40 features light, dark, grey, ghôl and Team Riot™ versions. The grey and ghôl versions use new units crafted by Ripp (formerly known as Havok-ise-zumi) specifically with Rugby in mind.

New Units:

(Grey and Ghôl meshes) - The new units are built to last a lot longer and promote a ball moving game. The units move much more quickly and have some special powers. Please use them wisely. ;). We were kind of forced into this because Rugby, like bacon, ends with the last team standing as winners, so keeping the units alive to the point that play ball was more interesting than watch a ghôl take 1000 swings at a zerk. Enjoy, experiment and have some fun!!!! Play ball!!! (in a rugby kind of way).


Elmer Bludd - Texture map, preview screens, trading screen art, football art, and all manner of artistic things that McAllistar can only dream of having the skill to do.

El Bastard - "Down marker" flags, mAd cOdiNg sKilLz in perfecting the football and making it actually work.

Ripp - The Finisher. Ripp essentially took this map and turned it into what it is. He cleaned up McAllistar's messy coding, and made countless revisions to the mesh files, created the many new units used in the ghôl, grey and Riot™ versions, and generally pushed this project through to completion.

PoohBear - The [cb] musical director. Thanks, Pooh!

McAllistar - Project originator who found a lot of people more talented than he to do most of the work for him :)


-McAllistar [cb]