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An Editor for Myth:The Fallen Lords

Looking for an easy way to edit mesh files? Tired of hexing them byte by byte? Want to see in full colour exactly what terrain is being edited? Then you've come to the right place.

Welcome to MythMaker, the first Hypercard-based solution to editing Myth:The Fallen Lords plug-in files.

With MythMaker and a Macintosh, you can edit those nasty mesh grids in an intuitive and graphical manner. With Quicktime 3.0 and an extracted texture file, you can see a full colour preview of the map terrain while you edit.

At this point, MythMaker is a proof of concept release. Yes, it is possible to make friendly useful tools using the Hypercard environment. Functionality of this stack is limited to editing the 8 bytes of each grid point of a mesh plug-in file. It is also useful to grab XY coords using the texture map as a guide. More features to come.

Due to popular demand, MythMaker is now available as a stand-alone application.

Download MythMaker App v0.1 now. (1MB)

Download MythMaker Stack v0.1 now. (124K requires Hypercard 2.4)

This release isn't yet "friendly" enough to explain what every byte change means. Some knowledge of mesh file formats and Myth editing is required. If you're new to Myth editing, The Sons of Myrgard Map Making Resource is a good starting point.

Still not convinced? Here's a screenshot:

The finishing touches to a significant update to MythMaker are being made. The new version will allow editing of items and some mesh attributes, and it will have a different interface. Check back here for the update.

Send your comments, ideas, kudos, and plug-in knowledge to Fire Chief.

And check out the home page of Clan Plaid.