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Take the file "MythCHESS v1.0" and place it in your "plugins" folder within the Myth II Soulblighter game folder.

It is now installed!

It is recommended you have 'Subtitles On' checked in your Myth II Preferences.

Playing Notes:

To attack in MythCHESS, use the special ability. This feature was implemented so players wouldn't accidently click and destroy an enemy piece when trying to maneuvar around the board. Clicking on an enemy piece will result in nothing.

First and foremost, when the difficulty is set to Legendary, MythCHESS forces each player to take a turn. To end your turn after you have moved or attacked, simply taunt the Dwarf that stands next to the turn indicator at your end of the board.

Please Note: Turntaking can be at times abit buggy, due to lag between the computer's, the scripting might not pick up certain objects. If you don't lag excessively, you shouldn't worry about this problem. If it occurs too often, play without turntaking on.

MythCHESS is also scripted to immediately end your turn after you have attacked an enemy piece.

Also, when a pawn reaches the opposite end of the board, MythCHESS is scripted to trade that pawn for a new piece. The traded piece will be the highest value piece that your opponent has captured of yours.

The values are as follows, from highest(first choice) to lowest(last choice):

Queen(9 pts)>Rook(5 pts)>Bishop(3 pts)>Knight(3 pts)

If your opponent has none of the pieces, then no trade will be made, and your pawn will have to wait there until you lose a piece to trade for it.


Piece Moving Rules Attacking Rules Special Rules Point Worth
Pawn May only move forward 1 unoccupied space May only attack diagonally forwards 1 unoccupied space. May move 2 unoccupied spaces if it's the pawn's first move 1
Knight May only move 1 space forward or backward, and 2 spaces sideways, or 2 spaces forward or backward, and 1 space sideways. May attack any piece it lands on. May jump over it's own or enemy pieces if it's destination point is unoccupied. 3
Bishop May move any number of unoccupied spaces diagonally, only on the color square that it starts the game on. May attack any piece in it's path. None. 3
Rook May move any number of unoccupied spaces forwards, or backwards, or sideways. May attack any piece in it's path. If the Rook nor the King has moved, the player may move his King towards the Rook one space, and the Rook may move to the positon next to the King further from the edge of the board. 5
Queen May move any number of unoccupied spaces forwards, backwards, diagonally, or sideways. May attack any piece in it's path. None. 9
King May move 1 unoccupied space in any direction as long as the move will not put the King in a position to be attacked, otherwise known as "check" May attack any piece in it's path, as long as the attack will not put the King in a position to be attacked. The King is the piece you cannot lose, if you do, the game will end in favor of your opponent.

The King also cannot put itself in any position where it could be attacked by an enemy piece.



If your Knight is attacking an enemy piece, and it's path is being blocked by another piece, ask the opponent if he would move the piece to allow the play to continue. If turntaking is on, you may hand the turn over so he may make the adjustment. MythCHESS does not count each turn made, so no matter how many turns are taken, it doesn't affect the outcome of the match.

Units have been modified to allow pieces to easily move between each other.

Use the 3D view provided by Myth! You can spin around to see how you opponent views the board, it's an advantage many do not use!

To get your MythCHESS piece to an exact point, control click the spot on the ground that you wish your piece to be.

If you do not like the sounds included with MythCHESS, or they get too annoying for you(it happens), just turn your volume down with the F1 key ;-)...

When you attack an enemy piece with turn taking on, try to click into the square you are taking, otherwise the piece will be left outside it's square...

Bishops Kings Knights Pawns Queens Rooks

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The Idiot Map Making Collective recognize the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics © 1997-2001, All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the Software made with Fear and/or Loathing and/or other Bungie products, tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use of those software products. I traded my pawn for a FLYINARMORTRO! Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing © 1996-2001. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Additional copyrights for the sounds used in MythCHESS belong to MacSoft Incorporated. Many thanks for them allowing us to use them,

MythCHESS was created, designed, colormapped, scripted, and unitrendered by Elijah ~idiot~

Much of the MythCHESS sounds come from the excellent game Civilization 2 Gold, and their use have been sanctioned by MacSoft.

Read Me by Elijah ~idiot~

Debugging and backup scripting by Korgath ~idiot~

Kyrilla unit collection by Badlands.

All appropiate graphics ©Copyright Elijah Horton.