Mudpit Cocktail Party

{Mudpit Cocktail Party is a Slugfest-based conversion based on Mudpit Light.}

Updated May 1 1:30 EST: Dwarven Cocktail Party is now in final release. There was a problem with unit trading which has now been repaired. This is the final release, please update your files.

UPDATED 4/28 12.30 EST: Both the Mac and PC versions have been modified. Please update to the latest version. The PC version actually works now, and the Mac version has received slight changes as well.

Mudpit Cocktail Party utilizes 3 new units:

The Humunculus
The Humunculus is based on the Journeyman and fires flaming arrow bombs. Gone is the Journeyman healing ability; it is replaced by the Humunculus Suicide Strike. The Suicide Strike is actually a call of Balor lightning which destroys the Humunculus, as well as any nearby units. The flaming arrows are pretty accurate, and pretty fast. The drawback of the Humunculus is his slow move speed, and his relatively low health.

Humunculus fig. 1

Humunculus fig. 2

The Dwarg
Basically, a larger size dwarf. He throws a Rhiannon bomb, but it is VERY INACCURATE. If you get him onto a high enough hill, and it's not raining, he's pretty intimidating. Often, though, the Rhiannon bomb does not go very far, and anyone close to the dwarg (including him) will go up with a bang. Use this unit at your own risk, he is very dangerous, and very unpredictable.

Dwarg fig. 1

Dwarg fig. 2

A subspecies of ghols that throw cocktails with their cleaver swing. However, these usually don't go very far, and he takes some damage. Usually, a firecracker can endure about 2 normal cocktails, but avoid placing them in large groups...they have a tendency to get carried away...An interesting strategy with firecrackers is to pick up a satchel, throw it, and then throw a cocktail immediately.

Firecrackers fig. 1

Firecrackers fig. 2

Firecrackers fig. 3

Please read the online readme before installing....if upgrading from Beta3, you need to delete all of the older Cocktail Party files you may have; if upgrading from Beta4, you only need to overwrite your existing MCP files: Readme

Download Mudpit Cocktail Party Beta 4 (.sit)


Download Mudpit Cocktail Party Beta 4 (.zip)

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