Mortar Rocket Dwarf

Mortar Rocket Dwarf

Pound for pound more power than a Warlock.

"Have a blast!"

Add a little chaos to your game! Blast your way into another Myth II: Soulblighter game with the Mortar Rocket Dwarf! He's guaranteed to add a new dimension of fun to any map that has Mortar Dwarves, or your money back*. This little puppy adds a special ability to the Mortar Dwarf that is a relatively long range limited nuclear weapon while retaining the original Mortar Dwarf attack. The catch is that you only have six shots per dwarf. Be careful though, it can bite back.

*Purchase price of plugin. As if.

To use:

Make sure everyone that will be playing this plugin with you has a copy. Place this plugin in your plugins directory in you Myth II: Soulblighter directory. As the host you must click on the "Plugins..." button in options to open a new menu. Make the plugin active by highlighting it and click on the arrow that points to the right of it's present window. As a player, all you have to do is have the plugin in your plugins directory. To use the special attack press "T" on your keyboard and use the mouse to click on the unit you wish to attack. You can also click on the ground in the direction you'd like to send the weapon, because of it's range it will continue on in that direction until it hits something.

By KVLtv.

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