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Mordor has been released, and is available for download here and at the mill!


Mordor is the latest map in Qui-Gon Gandalf's Lord of the Rings multimap series. Set in the Black Land of Mordor, this map is a dry volcanic wasteland. This map accurately potrays the hopelessness and evil that is in the very soil. Not the place you wanna go for Spring Break. The Mordor multiplayer map is a large map, full of burning lava and superheated steam. Mordor is a Free for all (FFA) map, featuring three meshes: The land of Mordor, The Black Land, and the Lords of the West...Normal, dark, and light respectively. The map is filled with rocky cliffs overlooking deep ravines, both small bottlenecks and large battlegrounds, and a sense of forboding that is hard to shake. Expect it soon from TMBM!


Mordor features traditional myth units, as well as a plethora of third party units, including the myrmidon, boneman, changling, and more.


Release Date: 2/11/01