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Thank you for downloading "McHenry's River" map set. This is a plugin of MythII:Soulblighter, a game created by Bungie Software Products Corporation, created by Koromoya Josuiken. Please put this plugin into the "plugins" file and use.

"McHenry's River" Map Set

August 4, 2001 Koromoya Josuiken

This plugin contains 2 multiplayer maps and some other tags. The maps are "The River Washes Your Bloody Shirt" and"The River Sorrowfully Watches The Battle". Both of them are built in a hurry, but I think I made them after careful consideration. So I think they must be wonderful.
I made them as I imagined a battle in the Battle age, a period in the Japanese history.

The River Washes Your Bloody Shirt

@This is similar to "If I Had A Trow" in the point that your force will battle against your enemy force with a river between them, but it is not similar to "If I Had A Trow" in some points. For Example it has GATLING@GUNS and FIREZERKS.

The River Sorrowfully Watches The Battle

This shares configurations with "The River Washes Your Bloody Shirt" but this is completely different from "The River Washes Your Bloody Shirt" in their units.

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