New member - 7/3/99 [Obitus]

the demo map is only 5.7mb big rather than 15, it also should download ok now so if you haven't seen it yet then get it now. I am sorry for the lack of screenshots lately but the project is in many places doing many things and as soon as I find anything that reflects how cool it really is then I will put it up here.

In other news; we have just got a new mapmaker, his name is Ruako. If you want a full list of members then head on over to thecontacts page.

A few corrections - 6/5/99 [Obitus]

We had a little trouble getting the file up, having just moved to a knew part of the server (as you may have noticed. You should now be able to find it here sorry for any problems this may have caused. I would also like to remind you that we are still looking for people to join the project, so if you like what you have seen so far then sign right up.

Also you may have noticed that a couple of our members had a little bust up, it ended with Astro and Pfhor leaving, but on happier news I can welcome 3 new members; mEan, Jack and Dovaeman. For more info on them skip to the contacts page.

Public Beta - 5/18/99 [Tychomax]

I've uploaded our first public beta map up. It is 15.7mb big, you can find it on the downloads page or download it now

We are hiring - 5/2/99 [Mechjock]

We now have a hiring section, you can find it over on the contacts page if you think you have what it takes then head on over and sign up.

The first screenshot - 4/22/99 [Obitus]

is now here, hop over to the screenshots page to see what CyberHunter so kindly provided. I would also like to thank the huge amount of people who supported me, both of your comments were appreciated but everyone would appreciate them if you addressed it to the whole group.

MaraMyth Online Returns - 4/22/99 [Obitus]

After the release of Myth II the team decided to scrap all that we had laboured on and start fresh on porting over to the Myth II engine, not everything could just be converted straight and it took us these last few months to get this far, but now we have caught ourselves up and once again will be able to provide you with some new information.

With a new look and new info we are back, for starters you may notice the addition of the download section, which will soon carry the MaraMyth screenshots pack. Also I will place the first of our new screenshots on the screenshots page as soon as I get it in, and we have a complete page dedicated to contacts, keep an eye out for a new addition to the features page within the next few days.

Welcome to MaraMyth Online, the home of Whispers of lh'owon - A total conversion of the Myth engine, what we are doing is converting the Macintosh games, Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity, to the Myth II: Soulblighter engine. All four of these games are made by Bungie Software. The Marathon Trilogy was based on board a human colony starship (Marathon) in the tau Ceti system. The humans were attacked by superior forces and it was up to you, with the help from Durandal one of the ships computers, to blast them to kingdom come. What we are doing is painstakingly porting nearly each and every unit in marathon to the myth engine.

- Obitus , webmaster

[all copyrights reserved, bungie software, marathon and myth are all registered trademarks of bungie software and all rights belong to them]

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