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Welcome to MaraMyth Online

11-23-98 *TychoMax*
  Hi, and welcome to MaraMyth Online, home of the Whispers of L'howon Myth TC Group. What we are doing here is converting the Macintosh game classics Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity, to the Myth: The Fallen Lords engine. What I think is neato is that all four of these games were made by our favorite company, Bungie Software. For you PeeCee people, the Marathon Trilogy was based on board a starship around a human colony, in the Tau Ceti system. The humans were attacked by a superior force and it was up to you, the only good guy, to blast them to kingdom come. What we've done is painstakingly ported nearly each and every unit in Marathon to the Myth Engine using some very nifty programs, Amber and Anvil being the ones coming to my mind. I hope to have some screenshots up and running soon but don't hold your breath too long, your liable to turn blue and die on me.
11-24-98 *TychoMax*
 I posted a screenshot in the Screenshots section and posted a short note in the Features section.  I hope you like the new theme of MaraMyth Online, it'll probably be this way for a while.  That is, until we decide on what the final theme will be.  I think I'll let you in on a little secret in a few days, just another little tastey morcel for you guys to chew on.  By the way, unless you've played Marathon alot, have a lot of experiance in some area of Myth editing, or are the king of...of...England, don't ask to beta-test this. It's just that I get a whole bunch of e-mails a day and, well, it get's annoying.
11-28-98 *TychoMax*
I just set up this new layout for this site. There isn't much difference to you but this makes it easier for me to make updates to my page. Kudos to Ranger VaM, who made the nifty logo you see to your left. I hope to put alot more information in the Features section and a bunch more screenshots in the Screenshot section. In a few days/weeks, I should have a forum up for you people to post questions and for us to answer too! You may want to know that we've entered Beta 4 stage so we're not too far from the finish line. I have a new screenshot in the ScreenShots section. Get there fast!