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Manistee Paintball Challenge

Objectives/Multi-Play Maps/Hints

Solo-Play/Multi-Play MPC C.T.F.


your opponents flag

and return it

to your base.

Multi-Play MPC Center Flag


1 of 3 random Center Flags

and take it

to your opponents base.

Multi-Play MPC Assassin

Multi-Play MPC Assassin plays similiar to Myth Assassin
except for the following changes. . . .

Your assassin unit will be uncontrollable to you unless all your other units die.
Assassin units will follow no matter what, though you can control who he follows.
Assassin units attack is to throw paintballs, smoke grenades, paint grenades, or just runaway.

Multi-Play MPC Territories

Multi-Play MPC Terries plays similiar to Myth Terries
except for the following changes. . . .

Center Flag is worth 5 points.
Center East Flag is worth 3 points.
Center West Flag is worth 3 points.
Remaining Flags are worth 1 point each.

Multi-Play MPC Last Man on the Hill

Multi-Play MPC LMotH plays similiar to Myth LMotH
except for the following changes. . . .

There are 2 flags to control, just out of range of each other.

Other MPC Multi-Play Game Types. . .

MPC Multi-Play also includes the following
unmodified, (or hardly so), game types
for your paintball playing pleasures.

MPC Captures
MPC Flag Rally
MPC 'Myth Style' C.T.F.
MPC Hunting

All Game Types played on the MPC Colour Map . . .

. . . are equipped with a random Wipe-Cheat-Heal Script. This bit of script will . . .
over random amounts of time throughout the game,
look for injured units farther than 30 WU from enemies
turn that unit away from enemies and 'wipe' off any paint-damage.
This is the only way to heal, it is totally random, and the only aspect of which you can control
is the distance from enemies and hoping your injured unit gets chosen in the next 30-90 seconds


  1. Use natures highs and lows to your advantage.

  2. Friendly Fire is not so friendly. Keep tight tabs on your units formations.

  3. Use your TaunT key to cause your units to duck for cover.

  4. Hide your pump snipers and try to draw your opponent in with your semi auto`s.

  5. Two units are better than one. Always look to set up a crossfire whenever possible.

  6. Dud Paint Grenades can be Re-Thrown, but can also be very Un-Stable.

  7. Once seen by the enemy, hiding is useless.

  8. Shoot, Move, Duck. Shoot, Move, Duck. Repeat as necessary.

  9. Its best to fallback until the smoke clears if your opponents are hidden within.

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