Love on the Mountaintop Revisited


Gor Version:
Love on the Mountaintop 2b3

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The Texture/Shadow map

Sorry, I have no netgame screen-
shots yet. Check back soon.

LOTMT Revisited:

Update! This is version 2b3, and it adds some new variants, fixes (i hope) the last of the bugs, and introduces scripted effects... like teleportation and re-enforcements.

Well there have been and are in progress quite a few changes to this map. First off I've dealt with some problems it had. Check this out:

1. The height of the hill has been dropped. It should be far more playable now.

2. The map is more consistent with itself. The grassy parts are gone; it's now more realistic in that sense. I've concentrated on the icy and desert portions.

3. Play balance is hopefully alot better. There are twice as many map variations and I'm working on some more. I have some.... like Champions, Legendary and Light VS. Dark which I think will add a *lot* of cool gameplay.

4. The hill now has bridges! Look closely on the preview image above and you'll see them :) That means there are now 7 ways to get on and off that hill, up from 4 in the previous version. Hill taking won't be as constrained, and you'll have more retreat options if needed.

5. The standard version of LOTMT now has 6 starting points, up from 5. And not one of them is on the hill. So gameplay should be alot more fair in that regard.

The Variations:

-Love on the Mountaintop 2: This is the base map, and the troop configuration is primarily Light. 6 starting locations.

-L.O.T.M.T. Darkness Reigns: This is the Dark variant. Beefed up and versatile. 6 starting locations.

-L.O.T.M.T. Dark Re-enforce: You get re-enforcements for this level. It's like the Dark version, only with more troops to begin with. At about 6 minutes into the game, each team recieves new units on the *opposite* side of the map from where they began. Potentially very ugly. 6 starting locations, no unit trading.

-L.O.T.M.T. Legendary Stone: This map is like the Light version, but with 2 notable exceptions: Each player recieves 2 Berzerk Heroes for free, and the hill has a Bow of Stoning on it. It's not impossible to defeat a bow of stoning. The Journeyman is immune to it's effect (does 0 damage, he cannot be turned to stone!), and troops like ghol and berzerk heroes are still very deadly to an archer with this bow.

Now, I will need to know from you PC users if there is any problem with playing this map. For some reason, the inclusion of an artifact has caused this map not to work on the PC. I am stumped as to why. Maybe the problem is licked this time around? 8^) here's my dropbox. thanks!

-L.O.T.M.T. Champion Snowfall: Taken straight (mostly) from the 5 Champions solo mission, here are 5 characters everyone gets. The exception is instead of a dwarven hero... it's Balin the Pathfinder. It's called "snowfall" because of the blizzard occuring, which tends to make Balin less effective. Each team is teleported onto the map, summoned by their Journeyman. 12 starting locations!

-L.O.T.M.T. Champion Blue Sky: Guess what this is? Same as above, but the blizzard has subsided and the snow is beginning to melt again. Watch out for wolves :) You only have 5 heroes!

-L.O.T.M.T. Light VS. Dark Spearhead: Here's a simple concept, one side plays Light and the other plays Dark. These are large forces to command, in the vein of "If I had a Trow" and the like. 2 starting locations, and intended for teams/capture the flag.

-L.O.T.M.T. Light VS. Dark Fireworks: Like above, but instead of archers vs. soulless, it's dwarves vs. fetch. In the interest of play balance, the snow has stopped.

Oh, and it's not done yet. Don't forget to file your comments here.