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Journeyman Mortal Kombat (JMK) is one of out newest editions to our upcoming projects. It is going to be a hell of a game to play and very entertaining. All I can say is...FINISH HIM! :)


JMK (Journeyman Mortal Kombat) was a variant in Myth TFL and Myth II involving ONLY dwarves, Journeyman, thrall, and wights. Our version takes the term 'Journeyman mortal kombat' quite literally. The map is a multiplayer, complete with scripted actions that will add to the humor and fun of the map.

Sooooo... whats the deal with these "Scripted actions"?: As it is now, whenever a Journeyman type unit is killed, it's 'soul' appears from the firey depths of hell via the magic of scripting. Many more scripts will be added, and we will tell you what others will be added when the time comes to tell you.

Any new scenery?: You bet. New LMOTH and KOTH flags, and a new STB ball are some of the new scenery you will be seeing in JMK.


What other units are there?: New JMK Contestants (enhanced Journeyman warriors), Veteran JMK Contestants (a hero Journeyman warrior unit) and Stolen souls. Not to mention 3 different magic Ninja Dwarves, each with their own unique ability. Even the Journeyman have learned some new moves! The Journeyman have learned to wield their shovels and learned some new moves that include the Death Spin, Jump attack, as well as some others. The Ninja Dwarves also have specialized attacks ranging from the basic jumping-knife to ice blasts, spears, and smoke- bombs.

Release Date: Unknown