Thanks for downloading Helm's Deep. I named it what I did because of how much I loved The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It doesn't resemble the battle you read about in LOTR but it is a good map (especially if you like strategy).

This map has some really interesting game types as well as some unique terrain. There is a large hill which surrounds the flag on it's northern side. There are many high and low spots which take some getting used to but are very useful for missile units. In some areas, the terrain is somewhat unrealistic but it was meant to be that way. HD focuses on positioning, timing, and strategy more than anything else. There are four versions:


Helm's Deep
Helm's Deep (Infantry)

Helm's Deep (Factions)

Helm's Deep (Choose Well)

Helm's Deep has a unit selection similar to Creep on the borderlands. The difference is you get two untradable Dwarf Mortar heroes and the wights have been replaced with riot wights (faster wights..once you use them, you'll understand their name). It is better to work in teams of two. This map features two different types of reinforcements.

#1. When both your mortars die, they are replaced by two light mortars (they shoot a lighter, less damaging round much further).

#2. When your forces are depleted past a certain number, you get some reinforcements, but I'll let you see what they are in the game.


Helm's Deep Infantry is so named because of the large amount of THORAN's Civil War infantry that are present. Yes they do mix with standard Myth units. The unit mix is mostly dark. Two man teams are best for this map as well.


Helm's Deep Factions is a five start ffa with a light mix of units. No surprises, just fun and tough at times.


Helm's Deep Choose Well is an interesting idea that ordermate Gangrene came up with. You get 100 points to spend on either a small number of power units, or a large number of weaker units. You can also opt for a moderate mix (though this may not be as wise as it seems). It has four starts.


Known problems: Only one and it doesn't effect game play. An extra mesh called "on the move" was accidentally included in the plugin. It cannot be played and I would take it out but the map has already been put on our order's Map Standard CD and sent to all our members in the mail. You'll just have to ignore it. :-)




Thanks to THORAN for his Civil War Units.

Thanks to GodzFire for the Forest Giant, Spider Queen, and Wasp.

Thanks to whoever it was who put those custom sounds up on The Mill for public use a long time ago.

And thanks to my ordermates in the Regular Order of Fries for help in testing.

Please email me and feedback.

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Brian Dixon,