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In the 17th year of the great war the cone of Tharsis exploded, showering ash and flame throughout the armies of the light. From this inferno of soot and fire The Watcher commanded his legions of the undead, and his evil so great that entire armies were bent to his will or turned to despair by a simple glance at him. In one such encounter more than half of the fourth legion were brought to tears seeing their hopelessness. And from that insanity given by the watcher they brought themselves to dig their own graves while they still lived so that they might lie in the earth forever and never see the destruction of their homes. That wretched darkness spelled over them brought them to throw themselves into open holes and cover their friends, but as the heat from Tharsis spread through the sky and melted the white caps of the highest mountains in The Cloudspine torrents of water crashed through, drowning those who had the will to cling to life long enough if to only bury their comrades and puting the graves of those killed by their own hands in an eternal mire of sooty water. The armageddon they were brought to see by the Watcher's wicked mind never arrived, and 60 years later new armies stood at those very graves, oblivious to the evil that had once worked it's way on those grounds.

GraveDiggers is a 5 team netmap for Myth II: Soulblighter.

The plugin includes 3 meshes:

KotH and Stampede remove the 5th (middle) team from the game.

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