Geezer Unity

Geezer Unity is an attempt to build a plugin that is similar to the unity plugins created by Clan Bear back in the good old days of TFL: a single plugin that contains several meshes, that while not extreme models of creativity, still offer entertaining game play. Myth 2's plugin system makes achieving these goals somewhat more difficult. Whereas in TFL, one only had to worry about download size, in Myth 2, one additionally has to worry about the effect the plugin's size has on options lag, chat lag and loading lag.

Geezer Unity addresses these problems by using Bungie made color maps. Since these color maps are already on your Myth Sb discs, the download size and the plugin's effects on lag are reduced (at least I think that’s why they're reduced;) Anyway, GU offers many meshes for the price of one!

Poodlecat/Pussycat: These are five start meshes which use the bre'unor attack color map. Poodlecat: contains "spooky" units like ghost dorfs, bone men (extracted by yours truly from Chimera), spiders and soulless. Pussydog: The main wacky thing here is the Mahir. Mahir are pretty bad assed.

• Inna/Ala/gaddadavida: Uses the color map from the single player map tain shard and is a large two-team mesh. The passibility for river crossings is a bit obscure, so I've added sign posts at the crossings. The Dark mesh has the unit mix from CB's "Garden" mesh from Unity 1, the Light mesh uses the Raisin Barn team unit mix, but with one forest giant per team. The Spider Queens and the Forest Giants are the work of Godzfire; the myrmidons are by Vista.

• Alberta: Uses the "World Knot" color map and has five starts. Alberta has a couple wacky units: the Canucks and the Maul Hero. The Maul Hero is the assassin unit, and hopefully will prove not too difficult to defend from trow attacks, and still doesn't overmatch a melee attack. The Canuck is a modified poacher that fires more quickly and doesn't cost a mint in unit trading.

• Wadi You Want/Got: Uses the color map from the "With Friends Like These" single player level. Both meshes have 6 starts. Want is the dark mesh, with Tro and so forth, it contains Vista's TFL flavored Pathfinder unit, with nice satisfying carpet bombs.

• If I only had Some Snowshoes: Is a dark mesh for Snowcreek. Its assassin target is a shade.

• The Dessert in Your Stomach: Is The Desert Between Your Ears with Stygs and 4 mortar dorfs per side. This was made to try to de-emphasize the importance of archers on Desert. Its success is debatable, but it sure plays differently!

• Rumble in the Wabe: Slugfest units on Gimble in the Wabe's color map. Journeymen are available only on legendary.

• The Tulgy Wood: A two team version of Gimble in the Wabe, I was aiming for a "before the comet" like effect here.

• Riot in the Outlands: Was originally "Riot in the Wabe" but the starts were pretty unfair. Thumper and I felt that the Untamed Lands mesh offered more fair passability, so here it is. 8 starts, 4 TFL pathfinders each, whoot!

Well, I think that’s all of them and by my count, that’s 12 meshes on one plugin. Thanks go first to Khaavren of the Fellowship of Stoneheim and Vista. Any time I had a question, he had an answer. Secondly, Godzfire graciously allowed me to use his forest giant and spider queen tagsets, and didn't even mind when I monkeyed with the stringlists. I'd like to thank CB for making the unity maps that kept me busy night after night in the tfl days; I hope I'm 1/4 as successful. And finally I'd like to thank the Geezers from Hell, the best-damned order on bungienet and faithful beta testers.

As always, the standard legal mumbo-jumbo applies, don't rip me off, don't rip off Vista or Godzfire or Bungie, and we'll all be happy J

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