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Garden of Segesta

version 1.1

Garden of Segesta is a map taking place along a fast flowing mountain stream. Hills, trees, and the occasional waterfall can make or break the path to your conquest of the garden. Segesta has 3 unit variations: Light, Dark, and “JMK”. It features new ambient sounds, scenery, and media types. With up to 6 players, the combat can become intense and furious. The splendor of a garden long forgotten can easily distract one from the heat of battle, and one wight sneaking its way into your ranks through the rapids can mean victory or defeat.
Kudos and Special thanks:
Vista - Butterfly LPGRs
Rhino - miscellaneous menial tasks :-)
Major Bug Fixes:
1. KotH flag exists now on all meshes.
2. Stampede flag is now uncontestable.
3. Major passability fixes.
4. Able to tell depth of water now.
5. Map runs more smoothly.
6. Pregame fixed.
7. Waterfall sounds' volume lowered.
8. Sounds do not cut on and off.
9. Chickens are now held back for 45 seconds during stampede.
10. Game ends once all chickens have been killed in stampede. (same with assassin and hunting)
11. No unit trading allowed in JMK.
Note: these are not the only bug fixes, but just some of the more notable ones.
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