For Frostbite Apply Within

version 1.0

My father was a man in the legion during the great war. I always remember him for his ability to weild a sword even with one hand. During some skirmish he participated in his hand was cleaved off by a ghol(who according to my father was later stuffed with charges and blown into feathery peices of carrion and ash). All of it had a fantastic aspect to it then. The tales of the fighting and what not. He also gave me a ring that he said was the same style his father had given him. He lost it to that ghol and told me to keep mine close, he said it would bring me luck. That was until we were stationed here. This place is cold. Too cold. We lost another man to a blizzard last night. We all huddle around the fire for warmth. I keep thinking the fire must have been cold as ice until recently. Without it it's so cold the snot in your nose freezes and your fingers won't move. Ten Hering Flaming Scythe told us to burrow into the snow and get out of the wind. I was following his orders when I hit something hard on the ground. I picked it up about to toss it away as a root when I realized there was something metal on it. I looked closer at this thing and realized it was a hand, a hand with the same ring I wore on my own hand now. Those stories seem a bit less fantastic now.

For Frostbite Apply Within is a 5 team netmap conversion of For Carnage Apply Within.

The plugin includes 3 meshes:

KotH and Stampede remove the 5th (middle) team from the game.

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