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If you are familiar with my first creation, Training Nightmare (part of SoN), then you should know what to expect from this map. The setting is Mudpit Massacre. Historically - shortly after grabbing The Watcher's Arm in the level The Silvermines, but before ending up on Shadow of the Mountain, a group of Trow have captured your group. You must entertain the Trow by performing on the battlefield. If you are successful, the Journeyman will be allowed to continue onward with The Arm. As long as the Journeyman survives the waves of The Dark, you'll win.

But it will not be easy. In what might be the most random Map ever created, it will be hard to defend all fronts from the enemy onslaught.



The Journeyman is scripted to heal injured, run from strong forces, help fight ghols, and heal wights. If he starts to wander off, be sure to send one of your units towards him to get his attention. Your injured units must be below 45% health and near the Journeyman for him to heal you. He has unlimited roots, so don't be afraid to take some damage.

Don't like the idea of the computer controlling the Journeyman? No problem. At the start of the level, you have about 10 seconds to pick up the Watcher Arm before the Journeyman will go to computer controlled. If you pick up the Arm before that time, you will control the Journeyman. He will have only 10 roots to use however — and you still must keep him alive.

Dorfs can hold a maximum of 6 sats, and start with 6. If they use them, they get more. ‘Use them’ means set them and blow them up. If there are any dorf sats around the hill area that are not detonated, the dorf will not get the new sats. Whenever the sats are replenished, all dorfs will be set to carrying 6 sats regardless of how many they did have. If you see sats that ghols have tossed on the map - don't worry about these too much, your dorfs cannot pick them up and they do not count when checking to see if you get reloaded for sats.

There are twelve Trow ‘bouncers’ to make sure you don't try to escape from the hill. Wander too far off the hill and they will likely… uh… ‘punish’ you. (:

There are 7 waves if you count the starting wave and the ending wave. There are 48 distinct different orderings for those waves and taking into account the different permutations for each wave there are over 1 million different possibilities on timid thru normal, and 6.7 million different possibilities on Heroic and Legendary. As a comparison, Shadow of the Mountain has 6 different orderings with no further variance. You most likely will never see exactly the same wave ordering in two games — as long as bungie random is random (:

All units are standard units except for the fact the Wight is invisible on the overhead map. After this is released, once it is beat on Legendary I will release a SoN unit version of the map to further challenge players.



Drag the file ‘frenzy.gor’ into your Myth TFL plugins folder and fire up Myth. Then start a net game. You will need to do the ‘space bar’ trick to enable the Frenzy of The Damned level. When hosting, go to the game option screen. Enable the frenzy.gor plugin, click in the ‘Name’ field, then hold down the space bar. While holding down the space bar, click on the Single Player Levels checkbox to enable (or click twice to disable and enable it). You should then see Frenzy of The Damned. Select this and have at it. Or join a Frenzy of The Damned game with someone that already has the levels loaded. Once you play Frenzy, you will not have to do the trick again.

Click the thumbnail below to see a screen shot of the game options screen.

Options Panel

Thanks / Copyright

I would like to thank the following people… Drunk Bob, Chikatilo for pointing a total newbie in the right direction. El Bastard for his scripting ‘help’. Thanks for not making me feel like a total idiot with my questions. (: The Magma doods for various help and input.
Wang Dang Doodle, Ephemeris and Kalli for helping me push Shadow to the extreme. MuffinHead, Ramses II and everyone else that helped with unit names and flavor texts. The rest of Clan Plaid for their testing and suggestions. MuffinHead for creating the pregame pict, Infininight for creating the web site — thanks guys!

Myth: The Fallen Lords is Copyright 1997 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created using Loathing and Tagedit for TFL - Bartok: Bartok is Copyright 1998 Lucena Systems - Amber: Amber is Copyright 1998-1999 Hans Birkeland (Vodi).

Thanks guys for making this and other TFL creations possible!

Concept and Design: Conner #CP#J,