Myth : Freedom II - The East

A 10 level solo campaign by Clan McCoolness. 5th February 2005, 1:12:12 PM, Perth Australia time.(It's my birthday today!)

1. Introduction

We're a big family.It so turns out that not only have a lot of kids grown up in the family backyard, but those kids are now bringing up kids of their own - and as uncle to these little punks, I have to spend a lot of time looking after them. My whole life I've wasted time inventing silly games to play requiring little more than a stick and an active imagination. So it turned out that when my nephew Solomon began to walk and talk and whatnot... we invented a game based on Braveheart. It was called 'Freedom'.It's grown exponentially, and we've had dozens of really fun storylines (and some not-so-great ones). It really does marry all kinds of influences - more than I can count. To give you some idea though: Braveheart, Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (he once cried out It's all Scotty's fault, he's jealous, he's holding me back!), Harry Potter (most unsuccessfully, Emmy tried to make me a wizard. I laughed at her) Highlander... then there's Myth of course.Believe it or not, after all these years and the fact that I now have facial hair and a bank account, I still play this game with the kids! Another young baby (my niece Ruby) is advancing the Freedom tradition, and still we run around our palatial back yard and wave sticks in mid air, pretending we're taking out orcs.

In the latter half of 2003, after Freedom had notched up 240 downloads at The Mill, I figured I owed it to the people who wasted all that (13 gig's worth of) bandwidth that I make a 2nd, technically better Freedom campaign. It would not be a remake, but a sequel. I've been making it on and off since then, in between sleeping, guitar playing and movie-making. Every now and then I get a lot of work done over a fortnight, then forget about it for a while. It turns out that on this most recent burst of activity, I've pretty much finished it - so it's time for the readme.

As before, I'm really making this with my 7 year old nephew in mind. However, I've tried to bring this one up in quality, so that older folk may play it without cringing at how bad it is. It is still not the pinnacle of mapmaking - but in this twilight of Myth mapping, it is one of the last big campaigns I think I'm going to see. (There's the Fallen Vengeance - but then what?) Prove me wrong! Please!

2. Characters.


The crew from the 1st Freedom have returned in force! We still have Scotty Freedom, who can act as a normal berserk, with the ability to pick up and drop (hit T) projectiles. He can also throw these, just by attacking an enemy as usual.We have David the Magician, who is unchanged from Freedom 1 (I think).Solomon Knight has retained his stygian armour, and Bolanfui is timeless as the superfast archer/nutcracker.We have one addition - in this campaign you are joined by my niece, Emmy. Acknowledgements for that unit come later... basically, she's a stout swordfighter, and is able to fire two (2) very powerful lightning bolts per level. Her armour is not arrow resistant like Solomon's.


There is an advantage to keeping units from level to level. In Freedom II, if you're careful, a messenger on a white horse will accompany you on each level. If you're good he'll even be there at the end. His name is Egaun Yibli. You will also bump into Scotty Freedom's uncle, Adahm Lo-Pan MacGregor. He runs the Training Academy.Goodie characters don't figure into the Freedom story much - walk on parts really are all you'll find. You'll briefly encounter The Seven, the council of magicians that oversees safety in the land. But that's about it.


The big bad of this campaign is The Kurgan. He has a very powerful sword attack, the ability to stone his enemies, or sway men onto his side... and his most powerful attack is a long range magic blast. You will only see him on one level (though his presence is felt indirectly on two or so occasions). Calgacus (or The Swordsman in the Trow language) is a traitorous Berserk chieftain who marshalls Myrmidons and Berserks to his side, under the banner of The Kithless. The bloodiest fighting of the campaign takes place when loyal Berserks face his soldiers.Those really are the principal players in this campaign.

3. Notable Units

Hoo boy...To start with, the regular warrior can now charge. That is all that has really been added to that unit.There are two (2) units using collections by GIANT of the Idiot Mapmaking Collective. Princesses Emmy and Lily. Regular thrall do not charge, but they do march a little quicker to keep your slower units on the run. Hahaha.Mud Thrall are a type of Thrall I put together for the last levels. They act as normal thrall, until they come within 20 metres or so - then they charge. This can look a bit goofy, but is no less threatening once they reach your soldiers.It'd be a good time for me to mention Cavalry. Thanks to Cydonian, and some work I did in 2002 for an unfinished plugin, Freedom II features my finally finished Cavalry unit which is just a warrior on a horse. Nevertheless, fun to use. They can charge. Good for triggering attacks and leading guys around.The dwarf has been introduced into Freedom II. Originally David was to doctor up a dwarven axemen, but like so many of those who have gone before us, the plans never came to fruition. Our dwarf bottles do not explode quite as often as Myth II ones. They bounce heaps. And our dwarves have a long range attack that is quite, how you say, unpredictable. And finally, a dwarven satchel is also a volatile thing. Just dropping it can set the thing off.Mortar dwarves are mostly unchanged, save for a longer range AND the fact that some shells will become duds and tear soldiers apart in their path.The Lurk (basically a Myrkridia that doesn't go berserk) is the most fearsome opponent in this campaign. If you face an army of these on the hardest setting, good luck to you.This campaign has myrmidions, soulless, trow and ghols - all with changed flavours to make them fit into this story.

4. Storyline.

Three months after the fall of Prince Hobard and the death of his stooge Gorum, the four heroes find themselves in the company of Princesses Emmy and Lily Logada. In this far northern realm, the war had little effect, and the heroes of the war could recover from their harrowing experiences in safety and comfort.When Lily decided to travel to Mirringale to do her father's business, the four heroes joined her - along with Princess Emmy who chose to accompany the band of warriors. Though they expected a peaceful trip they soon found themselves at the center of a conflict unlike any the Kingdom had yet faced.

5. Maps.

You can find 10 playable Solo levels in this plugin, that form the single player campaign.

There is a prologue mesh that plays itself out.

And aside from that... :) Da Cid (: and I have spent just as much time making the solo player as we have putting together a huge batch of multi-player maps. There's around 26 meshes, made from 8 individual colourmaps. Some are brand new - while one map is an old favourite of mine from the Mill days. Temerity Bluff - it got good reviews back in the day, so I thought I'd trot it out again.

The pattern for our maps runs thusly - if it's a smaller map, it will have four (4) variants; Light, Dark, Slugfest and Hero. Light, Dark and Slugfest are basically like most other maps you see around (except with Freedom units). A Hero variant means you will either have the 5 heroes from the single player campaign, or one hero will be found on each team. The heroes haven't really been altered except Emmy has only one lightning burst instead of 2.

Now... the larger maps are basically siege levels. There are two castle colourmaps - Mirringale and Rudeth. Both have light and dark variants, and Mirringale also has a 'L vs. D' variant. This sets you up with only the units you'd expect to have on either the light or dark team - not both. So you get 'goodies' like warriors, archers, dwarves and cavalry, versus baddies like Lurk and Mud Thrall. It's a massively unbalanced level - but all the more challenging for it.

6. More information.

Freedom DOES have an epilogue, however I'm not sure how you guys can view it. The easiest way is to extract the relevant tags into a 'local' folder and just finish The Forge

At the moment, McCoolness is using a free website and we don't know how long it will be around. You can find it at, or something like that. We've never had much about Freedom at the site anyway, and nowadays I use it more to show off our funny pictures/music. But still - it's there if you want to contact us for any reason.William Wallet : zebonka@hotmail.comDa Cid :

7. Acknowledgements.

First of all, to Bungie. I think that needs no more elaboration - they provided a game that I've played for 8 years now in various forms. I'll never be able to thank 'em enough.

Many thanks to people who have given us feedback, help and advice on various forums like The Mill (now gone) ProjectMagma and whatnot.

Thanks to Cydonian, who rendered the original horse bitmaps (I put the warriors on top of his Civil War collection - there was a LOT of work involved in making it function, but none of it would've happened without his approval and hard work).

Big thanks to GIANT of the Idiot Map Making collective who gave us permission to use two collections. It would've been boring without the additional character here and there.

Thanks to Queen for giving us something to listen to while making this.

There are so many peoples I need to thank actually - this campaign has a lot of influences from all kinds of places... I'll just say THANK YOU - and if you think you're deserving, go ahead and give yerself a pat on the back for me.

8. Necessary Legal Stuff.

Copyright 2003-2005 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Clan McCoolness.I can't recall if I have to mention Take 2, now that they hold the rights. Just in case : Take 2.

Anything that Bungie did not do, we did. Anything that we didn't do, someone else did. I believe I've given all the necessary credit anyway?If you hand this plugin around, please do so using the Stuffit file you downloaded. That way, the readme gets sent around with it and I don't get in trouble. (hey, who's prosecuting?)

9. Credits

Righteo...William Wallet Zebonka Kellogs:I made the entire solo campaign. I did most of the Fear work. I've written almost all of the literature in the plugin (this means story narrations, unit flavours, hints and what not) and this documentation. If a sound is new, I either recorded it myself or got it from somewhere. I did unit bitmaps - so if a unit charges, it's likely because I haxored a new charging animation for it.I did a lot of the voices. I did a lot of the testing... I made up the story... I did a lot of stuff, and as it's been a year and a half since I started, it's all a big blur.:) Da Cid (:I believe I got him to look at the odd bit of scripting for me - he may have even fixed one or two bits I was too lazy to bother with. He's also done Fear work for me. He has done voices (because in this campaign, it's not all entirely narrated from Scotty's point of view). He put together the new dwarf collection (specifically, the long range throw). He did a bit of work in Amber.He's done a huge amount of testing... his role was basically 'guy who takes over when Scotty is bored or busy'. Usually, if there was something I wanted done and couldn't be arsed, I would say David, do you want your name in the credits? and then I'd make him do it.(This only failed once, when we were going to make a tutorial mesh and gave up. The voices for that are still in the plugin I think.)So basically, though he didn't do half of what I did, he still did a heap - and has rightly earned a place in the credits.The multi player maps were made by myself and :) Da Cid (: over a few months towards the end of making Freedom (in fact, one was made and put in, even though the plugin was practically finished - this is the one that looks like a big pair of testicles).:) Da Cid (:He made the lava map, the snow map and maybe a bit of editing on mine (usually he tells me what slugfest maps should have on them because I honestly don't care).William Wallet Zebonka Kellogs:I made Rudeth, Dunsinane (the two siege colourmaps) Temerity Bluff, the 'grave/gimble/TFL Tutorial' mesh (it's a green one with a river, that I think blends the three ideas quite nicely. You can find it under 'Winter Wind') the testicle map, the desert map... I might have edited Cid's levels without telling him - but I dunno.More credits can be found in a 'credits' mesh in the plugin.The basic story is this - we've both put too much work into this plugin to really remember who did what. Well actually... the thing is, I don't want to make a 'making-of', so you guys can just put 2+2 together with regards to who made what. It's mostly me.

10. The Future of McCoolness?Okay, there is no hiding it. Since we made the 1st Freedom, interest in Myth has taken a whopping big dive. Cid and I haven't played at MariusNet in months. We do speculate just how much a new solo campaign is going to be appreciated, or played even...Basically, we've made this plugin as a last ditch stab at trying to make Myth players happy. We've done it before, and if anything I suppose this is a farewell to mapmaking. On my part at least. I'm sad about this, and it's not a definite farewell... but with no one around to play my maps, and with no time to make them, I suppose it has to be like that.In any case - Freedom is far from dead. I now have a 2 year old niece who wants to play it just as much as Solomon when he started.I've talked to Da Cid about making cutscenes for Freedom 1 + 2; what we're going to do is film live action stuff, then draw cartoons over it in Flash and give it music and nice voiceovers. Sets and stuff won't matter, because I might be holding a broomstick or something - but over it, I will have drawn the imperious blade of Scotty Freedom! Just pipe dreams at the moment, but if people like Freedom 2... it could happen.I'm trying to get away from Myth and put more time into making movies and playing guitar. If I get my way, one day you guys will see some of this stuff. (It's hard to show you movies when I'm stuck with an Angelfire webpage - but we'll see. As for guitar - I've already shown some of that around and I will only get better).McCoolness isn't really a Myth clan anymore - it's just a name Da Cid and I use on the internet. We put all kinds of silly shit at our website - politically incorrect stories, funny mp3s... we do it all! I hope that you guys occasionally bump into us in the future, and chuckle good-naturedly at our coolness.G'bye for now, Know something about this subject (map/plugin/page/link)?