by Electrofryer (aka Chrille Blomqvist)


Thank you for downloading Fracture, on which I've spent many hours of hard work. Fracture is a rather small map with a lot of action and a lot of carnage. It features four mesh versions and a new unit! To install this map, simply put it in the plugin folder which can be found inside your Myth 3 folder.

Map Info:

Release date: 02-01-01
Map size: Small
New units:
Kamikaze Midget
Game types:
Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, Scavenger Hunt, Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, Balls On Parade, Territories, Captures, King of the Hill.

Mesh Versions:

This is the light version. The unit setup consists of Archers, Dwarves, Ghols, Heron Guards, Thrall, Warriors and Wights.

Fracture (Dark):
This is the dark version. The unit setup consists of Berzerks, Dwarves, Heron Guards, Soulless, Spiders, Warriors and Wights.

Fracture (Slugfest):
Good old classic Slugfest. The unit setup consists of Dwarves, Thrall and Wights.

Fracture (Elite Force):
In Elite Force, you get a team of dwarves. Use their special abilities wisely to bring them to victory. The unit setup consists of Dwarves, Dwarven Axe Warriors, Dwarf Heros, Dwarven Smiths, Kamikaze Midgets.

Kamikaze Midget:

The kamikaze midget works pretty much like the Wight. The difference is however that the midget is smaller, it doesn't paralyze and it's explosion inflicts more damage. However, it's blast radius isn't as large as the wight's and the kamikaze midget is very fragile. So keep him away from enemy archers and close to enemy melee units.

Legal Junk:

This map plugin may not be charged for or put on a commercial cd without asking for permission first. Neither may it be used as a base for another map unless you ask for permission first. If you wish to include the Kamikaze Midget on one of your maps feel free to do so, on the condition that you give me credit for it.

Thank yous:

Thanks to everyone at Myth Development Hotline for their help and suggestions, especially Iggy Popped who had to endure many a question on how texture mapping worked in Myth 3. Leadfeather, for his detail suggestions. And El Bastard for helping me out with some tag work for the Kamikaze Dwarf and for letting me use his Mudpit rain as a base for the rain in this map. Also Phish, for his excellent map making tutorial. And of course, lots of thanks to everyone who took the time to help me test this map. Thanks!

FRACTURE is © 2002 by Chrille Blomqvist