Woo! The Geezers From Hell Map Making Guild, and specifically me, Myshkin, are proud to release, Florida Bay; A map, which thus far, appears not to suck.


The General Idea

In my previous career as a graduate student slave, I had the immense pleasure of working in the body of water that lies north of the Florida Keys and south of the southern tip of Florida. I had all sorts of great jobs, like plankton seining, water filtration, sediment coring, etc. Well, anyway, a few ghasts would have spiced things up immensely. Now with the release of Florida Bay I can work out some frustrations. If you want you can name one of the ghasts after one of your least favorite professors and walk him infront of an enemy dwarven hero J

So the setting is tropical, think coconut palms and white sandy beaches. Bring your beach balls and your Kadima paddles and have a picnic. Watch out for wights.

Three meshes are included:

A light mesh (welcome), a dark mesh (get out) and an impure slugfest mesh (rumble).

There are a few wacky things about these maps:

First, given the Geezer ethos, there is NO BC ON ANY OF THESE MESHES!

Second, there are more net targets than there are teams on BoP, CTF, Scav and FR. The idea here is to discourage camping and in beta testing, this goal seems to have been met.

Third, the assassin target is one of three mauls on the dark mesh and the deceiver on the light mesh.

Fourth, the slug mesh includes Jmen. Even PylDryver seems to be used to the idea now, so I guess you slug purists will get used to it.

In Other News:

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Thanks for your download time and I hope you enjoy it. See you all on b.net!


---Myshkin GfH


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