I.  Installation

This is a solo level intended for co-op play with the bushido tagset.  To play, do these things:

1.  Get the bushido units tagset if you don't already have it.  The tagset is available at the Mill.(http://fileball.net/mill)

2.  Drag the plugin "laststandv1" into your Myth 2 plugins folder to make it available for play.

3.  Start a multiplayer game (via appletalk, TCPIP, or marius net).  Select "Last Stand (Bushido Co-op)" from the list of single player levels.

4.  Make the bushido units tagset active then start a game.  If you don't know how to make a tagset active, refer to your myth manual or the bushido docs.

NOTE:  This is intended for cooperative play, meaning two or more players vs. the computer.  Single players will have a hard time beating the level, and should probably play on timid.  This level was designed for three or more players.

II.  Story

The sun continues its slow ascent in the eastern sky causing the choking fog to dissipate off the plain of Osaka.  The dead lay scattered everywhere.  It is a sickening sight.  Bodies lying broken.  Some ran through with spears or swords.  Some burned beyond all recognition by unwieldy magics.  The grass is stained crimson and the bloody footprints of women and children searching in vain for living husbands and fathers can be seen everywhere. My strength leaves me. 

My heart is torn apart by the waste of life that surrounds me.  The stench of death pierces deeper than any sword.

To the living I am a coward.  When my brethren ran to fight I stayed back.  I am without honor.  But what is honor?  It is a tool by which the powerful control their slaves.  Where is the honor of my brethren?  They are dead.  Can the lifeless feel honor?  Can they be proud?  Will they ever hear the laughter of their children again?  Can they hear their children crying now?  I am alive and home I go.

It has been 10 days since I left the plain yet the images still haunt me at night.  I see women laboring to take the helmets off of sleeping heads.  I see their hands trembling as they finally remove it and slowly raise the head.  I can still hear their cries of frustration as they realize that the person they labored so hard to see is not their husband.  I can see their look of hopelessness as they see the thousands through which they must search.  Despair.  What pure heart deserves such torture?  I only want to see my family.  I must keep moving.


I can scarcely believe what I have just seen.  All this time...alive for what?  News of my cowardliness must have reached my lord sooner than I had expected.  I have returned home to find all that I own a charred ruin.  I was unwilling to give my life in a suicidal charge, so they let fire take all my worldly possessions.  Worse still, my family is missing.  My beautiful, faithful wife and my three children. 

As I search the wreckage, I find a message left to me challenging me to wait for my judgment at the hands of my lord.  He and his slaves will be here in three days. 

Let them come…

They have underestimated me.  They believe me a coward.  They will soon learn otherwise.  Word has quickly spread of what has befallen me here and I have learned that the value of a good reputation is beyond measure.  Ronin have been appearing and offering me their services.  Even some archers and tengu have come.  Still we are few against many.  The leader of the ronin asked me today what the difference was between the suicidal charge that I ran from and the suicidal stand that I am fixing to make.  I answered that before the charge I was fighting as a slave, at the stand I will fight as a husband and father.

Let them come!

III.  Objectives

*Control at least two of your flags at all times.(Contesting does NOT count as controlling)

*Kill the enemy lord.

*Don't die.

IV.  Hints

Remember, you must control at least two flags at all times.  Contesting doesn't count as controlling.

There are more healing flowers for your tengu on this map.

Either reinforce or abandon a flag which has had its defenders seriously depleted.

Don't forget you can lay satchel traps and ignite them with fire arrows or mortars.

Tengu make excellent scouts.

Samurai are very tough-take them down from afar or with hordes of ronin.

If you survive long enough to see the enemy lord, you've almost won!  Concentrate all your attacks on him and you will win.

V.  Credits

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation

Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by (Name, e-mail)

Designed to be used with the Bushido Units Tagset by Creation(www.creationgames.com)

Pink trees by Clem

Scripting/Level design by Murgen

Color Map/Level design by Qui-Gon Gandalf

Testing/Input by Gangrene, Bifbologna., and the rest of the Regular Order of Fries

Project Leader- Clan Keith