The Fall of Naugrimin: Manual
A Solo map level Guide by Ernie

Step 1: Unstuff the file

Step 3: Take just the file named "Fall of Naugrimin" and place that file in the plugins
folder inside of your myth II folder.

Step 4: Start Myth II, and hit New Game in the main screen, while holding down the "Shift" button.

Step 5: Select "The Fall of Naugrimin" from the available single player maps.

Setp 6: Have fun!

Fall of Naugrimin's Features:

Dwarven Tunnel System
: To use the Dwarven Tunnels that connect one fort to another, simply walk your ghol(s) into the cave entrance, and wait a few seconds. They will disappear (having entered the tunnel system) and reappear at the other end. Make sure you don't leave your Ghol in the other end of the cave for too long, for ghols don't have the longest attention span, and he will travel back to the other cave entrance.
Dwarven Defense Cannons: All across the map, there four (4) Dwarven cannons and their crews. Your main task as the ghols is to destroy the cannons crews so when a larger attack force comes later they are not blown to pieces. Kill the Cannons Crew, disable the cannon.

Dwarven Spire: This is the largest land form I have ever seen in a solo map that was crafted out of the Mesh. It spirals up into the sky, and is a major tactical disadvantage to you the ghols. To complete your MAIN objective, have a Ghol Anarchist throw a demolition charge down into the Amunition factory inside the spire.

New flavor text. all were heavily researched at, and add some intreging insight into who the "Dark Gods" are that are referred to in the Ghols Myth:TFL Flavor Text...

There are 7 new and Modified units in the "Fall of Naugrimin",

The Ghol Anarchist :

These are ghôl's have a trademark red hide, but it's their attack that sets them apart from others. Having Hijacked cart loads of Dwarven explosives, they have rejected the offer of cleavers as weapons; instead they use black demolition charges. {Used by the Dwarves for clearing large underground passageways...}

The Ghol :

These are basically the same ghôl we all know and love, just a bit less experienced with the cleaver.

Fang Grinder :


Known as the 'Black dog of the Blasted Lands' to the Dwarves only in Legends, to the ghôl's as their king; Fang Grinder Rivals Soulblighter in power. But like all ghôl's he has a weakness to large amounts of explosives.

The Dwarf :

The same Dwarves we know, always willing to hurl a helpful molotove into a melee... which contains mostly your own units...

Dwarven Fighter :

The backbone of all Dwarven defenses, they have the muscle to take on a ghôl hand to had {or Knife -to- cleaver as the case may be}

Dwarven Knife Thrower :

The Name says it all: These Dwarves are much like the fir'Bolg archers of Myth TFL. The throw knives in a straight line, paying no heed to their comrades that may be in the way. Maneuvering your ghôl so that the dwarven fighters may get in the way of airborne Knives...


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