Smiths of Muirthemne


The Ephor of Myrgard

Solo/Co-op maps by IronDuke


The Ephor enacts the fall of Myrgard to the ghols, an event that occurred shortly after Muirthemne was razed by Balor well before the start of the TFL campaign.

TFL physics, pathfinding and units are used throughout, as are the original cave models from Sons of Myrgard. The look and feel of the dwarven city as we imagine it has been faithfully replicated, right down to new ambient sounds and flavour texts.

As playing the losing side would be no fun, you control dark forces as they seek to smash the citadel at the heart of Myrgard and kill the Ephor, the ruler of the city. At the head of your army is the legendary Fang-Grinder, plus you control ghols, ghol shamans, pack-leaders, fetch, myrmidons and soulless.

Opposing the dark are dwarves (of course!), fir'Bolg and warrior allies. However, these are not your standard dwarves, as you will soon discover! Traps and ambushes abound throughout the level - even water can be dangerous if you're not careful. Also, you can capture and operate the 25-pounder cannon that protect the citadel's approaches, and there's plenty of explosives for your ghols to pick up ;)

Imagine having to concentrate on overcoming a tough defensive position, while a steady hail of cannon fire falls around you. Envisage the pain as your myrmidons charge at a dwarven arqubusier and are cut to shreds by the hail of shrapnel he lets loose from point-blank range. See your ghols, on the verge of breaking a line of fir'Bolg, succumb instead to poison arrows. Think of the frustration as the wind catches hold of your ghol shaman's healing smoke & wafts it into your soulless! And these are only a few of the hazards you will face.

You have a strong force, but not an invincible one. Your ghols are quicker and tougher than most, but cocktails will kill them just the same and your opponents are truly formidable. Sometimes a single, cleverly controlled unit will do far better than your entire force combined. Intelligent, cunning, even sneaky play is required, as brute force is no match for the dwarven defences.

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Sheer Madness!

The other level, The Ephor of Madness, is a fun fight-for-your-life co-op in the style of BadThrall's Group of Coops, intended for multiple players but still beatable alone, if only on the lower difficulty levels. I just had to create something that allowed you to use the new dwarf units.


Look for the Ephor's appearance at the Mill early in March 2001. Or maybe April.

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