Chicken Dwarf by Haravikk

Out Now is the new Chicken Dwarf! This is a brightly coloured dwarf who just loves setting Chickens loose on the enemy!

To make use of this plug-in either put it in your plug-ins folder then activate it in multi-player, NOTE : All participating players MUST have this plug-in. For solo use simply extract the tags from this plug-in using Tag Extractor or the PC equivelent from vista ( or the mill ( Simply place all the tags in the correct folders withing your local folder. This unit will then replace dwarves.


This is a very brightly coloured dwarf who puts chickens on the ground, his points cost on the net is same because the chickens are dead slow and easy to destroy or dodge but very effective on an unsuspecting enemy. The chickens have a very interestingpurple shockwave and a very powerful explosion. Unfortunately these loveable little creatures tend to die instead of blowing up. Same thing goes for the satchel charge replacement which has quite a long but erratic life span.

One known problem is that the chickens are known to walk sideways and I can't seem to fix this.

Another is actually intentional. The chicken can walk on top of water, I kept this because it stops people from suddenly exploding without apparent reason.

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Myth I : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are copyright in part or in whole Bungie Software 2001. This plug-in was created using Bungie's Fear and Loathing. This plug-in was created by Haravikk of S Tech.