With the release of Dreamseedz people are probably wondering "How can I beat this S.O.B. on legendary!?". Well, it is possible and it was done by the one and only Inferno of the Idiots Mapmaking Collective. If you want to contact him on some tips and hints visit their site here.


"When a reality is born of a god's dream, the fabric that binds it slowly densifies from a malleable state. In the world of Acknahara, reality is in such an early stage. The supernatural realm that envelops it bleeds in through every crack and sliver it finds. Those whose souls grow old and live in the transcending path become masters of the energy that gives life to their surrounding. These are the sorcerers of Acknahara, and their most direct and immediate resource to this energy comes from unlocking the life-force compressed in the seeds of powerful plants. Acknahara exists as many islands lost in what seems an infinite ocean. The story begins on the island of Entarguyec, a once peaceful place that has now given home to a detrimental disturbance..."

Dreamseedz is a Total Conversion featuring 7 new units, 5+ new multi-sided scenery pieces, and numerous retextured models. Dreamseedz is one of the darkest Myth conversions to date, featuring disturbingly dark art by MPM, frightening scenery that you have to see to believe, and units with seemingly natural armor that curves over their forms. The two-level Dreamseedz solo takes place across the scarred lands of Acknahara in exiting missions that involve original objectives such as finding keys and destroying plants to fuel magic. Dreamseedz also features unique physics that allow body parts and other projectiles to float and bob on the surface of the water. Gameplay takes place across both large and confined spaces, allowing for very different tactics. Tactics, not numbers, will win the day. Use your seed-powered magic blasts wisely, and you can destroy hoards of enemy troops. The land of Dreamseedz is a strange place. Rare magical plants supply wizards with powerful magic attacks. Men long dead supply guidance to the forces of good. Creatures beyond your wildest dreams...or nightmares...roam the lands in hoards. The soldiers of the light fight the agents of the dark in an epic battle...will you lead your forces on to victory against the minions of evil? MPM created this amazing TC, and also constructed a site for it, featuring more screenshots, more information, and some pieces of dark art not included in the plugin. Check out his site here.


You will find out more when you download the plugin.

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Release Date: It is OUT!