Creep On The Borderlands - Myth II Conversion, v1.1

by The Fellowship of Stoneheim

Creep On The Borderlands
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Software License enclosed with this plugin and this read me file (this document) is deem read by using this plugin, so please read it, because 1) I am a law student and will need clients soon; and 2) Bungie got rights too.


Since the good old days when fs was [cb], we have lived on this map. It's home. We just want to go home, and kick some pixels on the best map ever made (by Bungie)!

The v1.1 release is a maintenance release to fix some texture map corruption that mysteriously occurred (*cough* fear for the pc).  I took the opportunity of adding the Light vs. Dark mesh.  It is very close to being balanced, as close as it can get really, so think about your unit's strengths and remember that warriors are stronger than brigands, but myrkrida (small) are stronger than berzerks.  I also fixed a bunch of little things that people mentioned to me.  Thanks for all the help and testing!

Added/Fixed since the Beta:
1) Added Map Actions (scripts) that will remove various ammunition based on level setting, as follows:
- Legendary - Retains flame arrows (only meshes with archers/bowmen).
- Heroic and Above - gives you a cannon unit (all meshes).
- Normal and lower - takes away the flame arrows, no extra cannon.

2) Moved some scenery around to improve passability.

3) Added Dwarven Minelayers (mortar dorfs that can lay mines) instead of normal morfs.

4) Some tweaks to the dark mesh - sounds and lighting.

5) Added Hunting - ambient life is only in the hunting games, since I want to keep the game fast for slow cpu's as well as respectful of the original.

6) Decoy assassin targets- This means that the assassin level has 2 cannons when set to Heroic or higher, one is the real thing and one is a decoy. May the tactics and strategies evolve!

7) Lowered the mesh height and water level so that players get the effect of being able to pull the camera out further. This combined with higher resolutions really gives you a nice view of things, especially in 3D mode.

8) Added Holy Wars mesh.

Fixed since the Alpha:
1) Models are fixed now.
2) Water Terrain Settings are fixed.
3) Some of the scenery has been changed to allow for better unit pathfinding.

I tried to be as true to the original as possible.


Thanks to Khaavren who is an expert with fear and developed the High Journeyman and Dwarven Minelayer units.

I have also completed a conversion that iggy popped started - making the cannon a moving, working, balanced unit. The cannon is the assassin unit on some maps, so have fun with it.

Very Special Thanks to Eli Curtz for making model conversions possible, and to Steve Ramsey and Matt Barry for helping with the models as well.

I would also like to thank Vodi for the use of prerelease versions of Amber 2, which made revising the pregames and overhead fast and easy. Vodi and Amber were also helpful in converting the textures for the models.  Support Vodi, and only good things will come.

Thanks to Joshstar and his crew for pointing out a much simpler script for removing archer arrows (what was I thinking swapping units based on difficulty level, just remove the silly ammunition, duh!).

Thanks for downloading.

First Ephor
The Fellowship of Stoneheim

Legal Notice
These files are currently availably all good hotline sites related to Myth.  Please read the enclosed Software License.
All Rights Reserved. (C) 1999, W. R. "Ripp" Swindell
Other Rights Respected.  All appropriate graphics (C) 1997, 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Portions of these Plugins made with Fear and/or Loathing (C) 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Note: Bungie is serious about the above notice. Please make sure you include that on your own maps.