Coming of the Dark is am epic story designed to bring to life the battles of Myth's history. It conatains a series of high-quality maps for MythII: Soulblighter that feature excellent gameplay designed around past battles and adventures referred to in Myth: The Fallen Lords and MythII: Soulblighter.

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Source of the 500 Poisons [ RELEASED]
Match wits with the deadliest of the Fallen Lords

Levels Pending Release: CoD Level Pack 2

Banks of the Ire
Defend the bluff as the Ire is flooded by the ranks of the UndeadWhispers of the Wind Age
Lead Truan out of the corpse-city and re-enact the Myth: TFL intro cutscene

CoD Level Pack 1

Coming of the Dark is the first series of single player / co-op maps made by a team of many diversely talented and dedicated people. It not only features excellent map scripts by Ares™, Merlin, and Imperator, but also has very realistic and functional terrain designed and colormapped by Drunkbob and Omac. New voices by many different people, the artwork of Rust Dragon (whose art also graced this year's MWC), and a detailed story chronicling the early year of the war against the Fallen Lords add to the ambience of this single-player experience.

Included in the download are three maps, the ones previewed at Mythology (, new formations and interface as optional features, and much more.

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Download Level Pack 1

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