by Electrofryer and TABACman, 1999

This map has been in development during the past 2 months. It could have been done much sooner but we suffer from this thing called lazyness and we've also been busy playing Santas Head's excellent map World War 2:Recon . Carnage Canyon comes in three diffrent versions, light, dark and slugfest. Light and Dark include all game types, KotH is great on this one. There's also a new unit on this map made with alot of help from Khaavren, it's called a doomsayer and it's only available in the dark varient, it uses mana and summons a meteor storm similiar to the Myrkridian giant's special attack. I hope you will enjoy this map because we've certainly enjoyed making and playing it, oh and please PLAY IT BEFORE YOU RATE IT . SBS rules!

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