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Thank you for downloading Cannons in the Cloudspine! This all new unit by Haravikk also features an edited version of the popular Cracks in the Cloudspine net map!




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Installing Cannons in the cloudspine is fairly straight forward. Simply locate the Cannons in the cloudspine plug-in in the same folder as this read me. Click on it and drag it to your Plug-ins within the Myth II folder on your computer. Now just set up a net game and get someone to play you online!

For use in solo games you will first need a tag extractor. If you do not have one then head either to the Mill or Vista and find an appropriate application. Then extract all the tags from the Cannons in the Cloudspine plug-in and place them in your local folder wihtin your Myth II folder. Now either add the unit to a map using Loathing or play level 15 "The Walls of Muirthemne" to try out the new unit.


"When it was decided that the cannon and the blunderbuss - and other weapons of similar type - were to be the way forward the dwarves could not allow themselves to be left out. So they took the original cannon design and expanded upon it, wheels were added and more powerful, more deadly varieties of cannon shot were designed.

To this day the completed Dwarven cannon is somewhat a marvel of engineering technology, used to easily smash apart cannon walls and other enemy fortifications. It wasn't until Soulblighter's new Stygian knights became involved that the new Dwarven Field Cannon lost popularity due to their inability to harm the Stygian Knights.

Undaunted the dwarves still use the cannons in most siege affairs."


I'm pretty sure you downloaded this for the new cannon so there is only really one new unit. However there is also a dwarven cannon crew which is simply a speedy dwarf and there is a stationary varient of the cannon as well.


The Dwarven field cannon has few weaknesses and many strengths. However, the weaknesses can sometimes outweigh the strenghs.


*When a round is fired it is propelled by a sack of gunpowder, or black powder as it is sometimes known. Gunpowder can often be unpredictable and has a tendency to explode more powerfully than intended. Because of this whenever a shot is fired there is a chance of an explosion, these explosion range from small, mostly harmless bangs to massive full scale explosions. Sometimes destroying the cannon, other times merely becoming a nuisance.

Cannons are also weak against fire and explosion due to their wooden wheels and axel.

Stygian Knights are immune to being hit by any attack from a dwarven field cannon.


Cannons are almost immune to electricity. Cannons cannot be affected by gas, paralysis, stoning attacks or confusion.


NOTE : WU or World Units are a measure of distance in Myth, for example an archers base maximum range is 24 WU, however this of course is altered by height above the target.

Speed dependent damage is altered by how fast the object is moving when it hits the target.


Cannon Ball - Fires a large lead sphere at high velocities, when a cannon ball hit's the ground there is a 95% chance of it bouncing and causing further damage to the enemy. A bouncing cannon ball will pass through all enemies touched and will only stop when it hits and wall or hill or loses momentum. A cannon ball causes 8 - 24 points of damage to a 0.5 - 2 WU radius. A normal Cannon round has a range of 24 - 63 WU and has a 5% chance of explosion*.

Put Shot - Fires a cluster of miniature cannon balls at the enemy, each no larger than a fist. Put shot behaves exactly like a cannon ball above except for the following: A single put shot causes 4 - 8 points of damage to a 0 - 1 WU radius. Put shot has a range of 9 - 23.999 WU and has a 10% chance of explosion.

Grapeshot - Fires a large cluster of small pieces of shrapnel, glass, nails, stones and other assorted scrap at the target. A grapeshot 'shard' causes 1.5 points of speed dependent* damage to a radius of 0 WU. A Grapeshot has a range of 0 - 8.999 WU and has a 10% chance of explosion.


Twin Shot - Fires two normal cannon balls with special fittings so that they may be hooked together. A twin shot will begin to spin after being fired. Upon hitting the ground there is a 65% chance of bouncing in the same way as a normal cannon ball. Otherwise it will split into two normal bouncing cannon balls. A twin shot causes 8-36 points of damage to 2 - 4 WU radius. A twin shot has a range of 24 - 63 WU and has a 15% chance of explosion.


There is one new map in this plug-in which is called 'Cannons in the Cloudspine', it is a simply varient of the map 'Cracks in the Cloudspine' except that it makes use of the new field cannon and dwarven cannon crew.

It has the following game types:

Body Count

Steal the Bacon

Last Man on the Hill

Flag Rally

Capture the Flag

Balls on Parade



King of the Hill



The Unit choices for each team are as follows (Minimum/Starting/Maximum)

Field Cannons (0/4/8)

Trow (0/0/2)

Myrkridian Giants (0/2/4)

Myrkridia (0/12/16)

Ghôls (0/12/16)

Mauls (0/8/12)

Fetch (0/8/12)

Stygian Knights (0/24/30)

Poachers (Assasin Targets) (10/10/10)

Wolves (Stampede units) (20/20/20)


In order to get the cannon crew for field cannons to operate efficiantly I had to create a special set of scripting using the scripting editor in Loathing.

NOTE: When naming a map action choose something appropriate (e.g - for a unit container with a cannon in it call it 'Cannon 1')

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the neccessary script:

Step 1 - Placing the units

First choose the units, go into the Loathing units tool and click 'Add'. Find the item 'Field cannon' and press 'OK', enter the correct team number and whether you want the cannon to be tradable, to use veterans e.t.c. Then click 'OK' again. Now do the same for the item 'Dwarf Cannon Crew' except make sure this is NOT tradable and that it is uncontrolable. Now place one cannon on the map if you want it to be a cannon which you must trade in order to use then 'double-click' it and check the 'invisible' box. Now place a 'Dwarf cannon crew' behind it and make this crew member invisible.

Step 2 - Creating the unit containers

Now select the cannon you have placed (if you placed more than one then select only one) and go to 'Selection' and the 'Create Data Container'. This will create a map action containing all information on the selected unit. Then do the same for the crew.

Step 3 - Create the Unit Tests

Assuming that you are using these units on a net map then you will need to set up tests to see if there are any cannons being used.

First create a 'Netgame Time' action, set it to 'Initially Active' and to end 'On Successful Execution' then click 'OK'. Now create a 'plan' flag, now create an 'acos' action identifier. This will later be linked to another action.

Now create a 'Test Unit' action no special changes are neccessary. Now create a 'link' action identifier, click 'Add' and select the data container which you created earlier. Now create a '___=' integer (note there are three underscores ['_']). Click 'Add' and choose the value '1'. Finally create an 'acos' action identifier, again this will be linked to something later.

Go back into your 'Netgame Time' action and link the 'acos' action identifier to the 'Test Unit' action you just created.

Step 4 - Crew Commands

Now create a 'Unit Control' action, Click 'Add custom' and add a 'link' action identifier, click 'Add' and select the data container you created for the cannon crew. Now click 'Add Custom' and create a 'visi' flag. Then create an 'acos' action identifier which will be linked later.

Remember your Test Unit? Link the 'acos' action identifier in that to your newly created 'Unit Control' action.

Now scroll up to your data container which holds information on the cannon. Click 'Duplicate' and then go into the 'OK' it. If you want then add '(obje)' to the name so you don't get mixed up. Go into the action and double click on the 'subj' action identifier, change this to an 'obje' action identifier.

Now create a 'Follow' map action. Click 'Add custom' and create a 'link' action identifier, link this to your newly created data container with the 'obje' action identifier within it. Then also add your cannon crew data container. Now create a 'radi' world distance and click 'Add' and enter the value '3.000', if your cannon crew are quite far away from their cannon then make this value bigger. Now create a 'fora' world distance and enter the value '0.500'. Create an 'erel' action identifier and similarly an 'edel' action identifier, both of these will be linked later. Finally create a 'stop' flag.

Remember your earlier unit control? Well link it's 'acos' action identifier to your new follow action.

Step 5 - Death Actions

Now create a 'Unit Control' action. Create a 'link' action identifier, link this to your cannon and cannon crew data containers (not the 'obje' versions). Now create and 'invi' flag and a 'moen' flag.

Remember your follow action? Well now link it's 'erel' and 'edel' action identifiers to your new Unit control.

Now you're finished your crew action for one single cannon! Simply repeat this process either step-by-step for one cannon at a time or do each step in bulk for several different cannons.

Your whole action should be as follows:

NOTE : Map action's are the ones added using the 'Add action' button, subordinate parameters are created using 'Add Custom' and the values are created using 'Add'.

Data container 1 - Contains the cannon

Data container 1 (obje) - Contains the cannon in 'obje' format

Data container 2 - Contains the cannon crew

Map Action Type Special Values Subordinate Parameters Value (s)
Netgame Time Initially Active, ends on Successful Execution plan (flag) True
acos (action identifier) Test Unit (below)
Test Unit Leave as defaut link (action identifier) Data container 1
___= (integer) (three '_'s) 1
acos (action identifier) Unit control 1 (below)
Unit Control (1) Leave as default link (action identifier) Data container 2
visi (flag) true
acos (action identifier) Follow (below)
Follow Leave as default link (action identifier) Data container 1 (obje)
Data container 2
radi (world distance) 3.000 (or higher as required)
fora (world distance) 0.500
erel (action identifier) Unit Control 2 (below)
edel (action identifier) Unit Control 2 (below)
stop (flag) true
Unit Control (2) Leave as default link (action identifier) Data container 1
Data container 2
moen (flag) true
invi (flag) true


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Myth : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are both copyright 2001 Bungie software company limited. This plugin was created by Haravikk of S Tech using Bungie's Fear and Loathing. S Tech and all instances of the S Tech logo contained herein are copyright Sybar Technologies 2001.