Caer Cadarn

version 1.0

Cleared by Northerners 10 years after the great war. A major trade route spread through the area, connecting the dwarves homeland and the western world. The area was originally a place of the cruelest wilderness, with only the bravest of warriors and mountainmen daring to venture into the woods. However, the natural animals and other aggressors have seen been run out, due to the clearing of trees from the wood by the northerners, and sold to the dwarves for a source of fire for their satanic flame rituals monthly. Now several inns and camps have appeared, offering rest for weary travellers, and salesmen hawking warez at anyone who comes through. The native bre'unor in more northern lands however have grown very angry with the destruction of their forests, and have such organized a mighty mob to do away with sitcoms, a source of mind rotting.

Caer Cadarn is a 2 team netmap for Myth II: Soulblighter.

The plugin includes 3 meshes:
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