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Journal entry - CAGES trooper after the Invasion of Grawrk

"As I walked up the hills of Grawrk to take away the dead bodiesof other troopers, I felt something was wrong.  My gut screamed atme to just run away, but why?  I continued on, loading the corpsesof the men who had sacrificed their lives for people like me.  Throughthe bloodshed I persisted, even killing some of the remaining 'Noids thatstill squirmed in desperation to get up, but unable to by the many holesblown into them.  We had lost this battle, yet I couldn't tell why. Once it was over, the enemy took off as fast as they had come.  Ahit and run?  That wasn't like what the 'Noids did.  They wouldslowly but steadily advance from where they land on the planet, until noman lived on that planet.  The 'Noids are ruthless creatures, alwayskilling whatever they can, with what seems no fear of dying.  Theykill their prey with claws, slicing and dicing until the poor soul is barelyhanging onto life, only then do they start eating them.

Then it dawned on me.

I saw a trooper that was dead, but had been blown to bits by some sortof gun.  This was no work of the 'Noids, and from what I knew it wasn'tfrom one of our guns.  This was why I didn't want to come here; thisman had been attacked with something humans had previously never seen before. Had the 'Noids developed guns?  That thought was far fetched, althoughthe 'Noids could get from one planet to another, it certainly wasn't becauseof technology.  I didn't have long to think about this, because atthat moment I saw what I had dreaded to see.  It jumped at me, clawsoutstretched, eyes glistening in the sunlight.  I was too fast forit though, its body crumpled at my feet, smoke coming out of the burnthole I had made with my laser.  I stood rigid with fear.  Thiswas another type of alien."


History of the CAGES universe:

Log 2 of the CAGES history book:  The 'Noid War

The old earth government had discovered hyper jumps, enabling them totravel through space quickly and efficiently which opened all kinds ofnew possibilities.  Shortly after, they had started colonizing newworlds.  Colonists were brought to one of these planets (Hurp), butwere never heard from again.  As scouts arrived to see what had happened,humans all around the galaxy realized something terrible yet exciting hadhappened - we weren't alone in this big universe.  Some had hopedfor this day, but the colonists of Hurp hadn't.  Or rather, they couldn't,they were already bloody corpses half eaten by the vicious 'Noids ('Noidis Arachnoid for short).    Shortly thereafter, anotherworld was taken by these creatures, and The 'Noid War began.  Aftermany grusome battles, with the 'Noids and humans trading planets around,the humans won.  Seventeen years had gone by in the 'Noid war, andthe earth humans needed a break; they were out of resources and were tiredof the fighting.  Little did they know that they (we) had just begunthe fight for freedom. 

Log 7 of the CAGES history book:  C.A.G.E.S.
CAGES stands for Central Agency Government of Earth and Space, andwas formed because of The 'Noid War.  The countries united to formCAGES, in an effort to pool all of the countries' resources into one andwin the war. Upon forming, it was decided that earth would be the baseof all actions, and that earth would be defended at all costs.  Thelaws set up by CAGES were that of wartime, and humans really didn't knowwhat would happen should they win the war.  The laws set up by CAGESwere tough on the people, making life hard for those not fighting in thewar.  However, because of the fear of the 'Noids, CAGES had widespreadsupport of the human population.

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