Bustle in your hedge-row by Electrofryer
Bustle in your hedge-row
by Electrofryer

Now entering another of the unknown myth areas...

Search down your opponents in this green hedge maze of solid wackyness. If you're lucky you might just run into a pack of Lich Mages! The maze is surrounded by a beautiful park with fountains and nifty dwarven statues.

Lots of hard work has been put into this map and I could never have finished the lich mages without KVLtv's and Frigidman's help. KVLtv also made those awsome, really blastable dwarven statues surrounding the fountain pools and gave me alot of support and suggestions. He's well worth alot of credit in the making of this map. I'd also like to thank my fellow members of SBS and the inhabitants of vistaHL and nosHL, and ofcourse fellowship of stoneheim for using their Myth:TFL pathfinder. Enjoy!

Lich Mage info:

The Lich Mage is a modified version of the summoner, new graphics and attacks. He works sort of like an archer by casting a shrapmetal spell. If you move close to an enemy unit and press the special ability key, he will turn that unit to stone, however this requires full mana and you're only able to cast the spell once per lich mage. To remove stoned condition just use healing.

Thanks for downloading,
/Electrofryer aka Chrille Blomqvist
Swedish Bastard Squad.

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Chrille Blomqvist, gaspop@hem1.passagen.se