Bushido: The Way of the Warrior is a third-party plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter.  Based on feudal warfare in medieval Japan and the rich tapestry of myth and legend of that period, it provides a new set of mortals, monsters, and magic for Myth II games.  Obviously, the inclusion of prominent fantasy elements means that Bushido is not meant to reflect complete historical accuracy.  Rather, it is intended to provide fun and immersive Myth II gameplay in the style and flavor of Japanese legend.

The Bushido Project is downloadable in 3 parts...

1st is the tagset. This is what allows you to play with the Bushido units. By activating this on other maps you can also use the Bushido units on your favorite 3rd party maps.
Two specially built Map Packs have been produced for Bushido Play.

Map Pack #1 is called Tehajimeni features the following maps...

Shimedaiko by Cydonian

Tokkun Doujou (Special Training Dojo)
by The Pope

Yukigassen (Snowball Fight) by Cydonian

The second Map Pack is Sekando & features the following 3 maps...

Arena Bushido by Clem

Kyousaku (Bad Harvest) by Cydonian

Shukanage by The Pope

BUSHIDO Tagset Download

Tehajimeni Map Pack Download

Sekando Map Pack Download

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