"The entire country will soon be in the hands of your master, Lord Ieyasu. If this is so, the men who served him will no doubt hope to become daimyo by his appointment. You should know that if such feelings arise, they are inevitably the beginning of the end of one's fortunes in the Way of the Warrior. Being affected by the avarice for office and rank, or wanting to become a daimyo and being eager for such things ... will not one then begin to value his life? And how can a man commit acts of martial valor if he values his life? A man who has been born into the house of a warrior, and yet places no loyalty in his heart and thinks only of the fortune of his position, will be flattering on the surface and construct schemes in his heart, will forsake righteousness and not reflect on his shame, and will stain the warrior's name of his household to later generations. This is truly regrettable."   - Torii Mototada (1539-1600)
A Brief Overview

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior is a third-party plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter.  Based on feudal warfare in medieval Japan and the rich tapestry of myth and legend of that period, it provides a new set of mortals, monsters, and magic for Myth II games.  Obviously, the inclusion of prominent fantasy elements means that Bushido is not meant to reflect complete historical accuracy.  Rather, it is intended to provide fun and immersive Myth II gameplay in the style and flavor of Japanese legend.

New units, attacks, and netgame sounds will likely take some practice and play to get used to.  We hope you'll find that every effort has been made to ensure that the Bushido Units tagset is both fun and balanced, and that you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making and testing it.  Have fun!
Instructions for Use

Place the Bushido-Units plug-in inside the Plugins Folder of your Myth II directory.  You must have the plug-in installed here to join games in which the Bushido Units tagset is used.  To host a game using the Bushido units, select "plugins" under game options, select the Bushido-Units plug-in and click the right-arrow to move it into the Active slot.  While the plug-in is on, most Myth II units will be converted to Bushido units, as well as certain netgame flags and sounds.  To stop using the plug-in, select it again in game options and click the left-arrow to move it to the Inactive slot.
Portrait Unit Name Class Cost Description
(Ashigaru Yari)
Melee 1 These men are generally farmers enlisted by their landowner to fight in his military campaigns.  They are slow and poorly-trained, but robust and loyal warriors.
Warrior Monk
Melee 2 Armed with a simple staff, the Sohei are quick but relatively weak.  Warrior monks may fight for a cause they deem just, or simply support the local warlord in return for a sizable donation to their shrine.
Ronin Melee 3 Masterless Samurai, hired mercenaries, or common thugs, Ronin are strong fighters.  Faster, tougher, and more deadly than spearmen, but slower and weaker than the true Samurai.
(Ashigaru Yumi)
Missle 3 Like the Myth2 bowman, the footman archer carries one flame arrow - however, he throws shuriken at close range instead of stabbing.
Melee 4 Wearing heavy armor (yoroi) and wielding a long katana, the Samurai swordsman is a fearsome and elite fighter, one of the deadliest combatants on the battlefield.
Missle 6 A mounted Samurai who favors the bow.  His horse gives him a great boost in speed and a degree of protection.  He carries one flame arrow.
Rocket Mortar Missle 6 Experimental weaponry in action, this unit launches fireworks-like rockets from a mortar tube.  His incredible range is offset by the unreliability of his ammunition - the rockets tend to bounce or explode in the air.  He also carries four gunpowder satchel charges.
Elementalist Missle 8 A strange magician in kabuki-styled facepaint, the elementalist controls the forces of nature as his weapon.  Hurling fire at close range and ice missles at a distance, he can also use the White Dragon Lotus to summon a deadly whirlwind. 
Tengu Missle &
12 Mischievous wood-goblins, Tengu are powerful creatures of the spirit world.  They are very quick, and hard to see while moving.  They are also invisible on the overhead map.  The magical 'bombs' they throw are unpredictable - usually doing mild damage, but occasionally paralyzing or disintegrating their target.  Tengu can also use the White Dragon Lotus to heal themselves or other units.
Oni Melee 12 Evil spirits in the form of brutish ogres.  The swing of their huge clubs deals instant death to weaker units, provided their victim has nowhere to run. 
Standard-Bearer Harmless - The helpless bearer of the clan's war banner.  Usually, you will only see this unit used as an Assassin target.
Nobleman Ambient or
- Unarmed local citizens with no desire for a fight, you may see them wandering around and rushing to escape the battle - or you may find yourself protecting them from the enemy.
Noblewoman Ambient - They don't want any trouble.  Don't chase them around; it's not nice.

Bushido Map-making

How to make your own maps for Bushido:
A full page of helpful information is included with this manual.  Click the link below to read more:

Bushido Map-Making Information page.

Unit modeling & animation, collections, scenery, physics tags (Fear work), unit flavors, sounds, documentation.

The Pope
Whirlwind animation, scenery, sounds, tengu voice-overs.

Tom Servo
Concepting, unit flavors, sounds, trailer movie, Bushido League organizer.

Milk Man
Unit names, story (solo levels to be announced)

Cunbelin #CP#
Japanese translation of Tengu phrases.

Deceit and TJ
Miscellaneous art (will turn up later).

Creation, TMBM, the Los Geezers order, Cunbelin, Pez, fisj, and others.
Copyright Information

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior Units Tagset is a third-party plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter.  Copyright 1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation.  Created (in part) with Fear and Loathing by Cydonian ( and others (see credits).  Original elements not created by or owned by Bungie or other parties are copyright 2000 by their respective authors.  This plug-in is meant to be distributed and used free-of-charge by owners of the Myth II: Soulblighter game.

"A person who is said to be proficient at the arts is like a fool. Because of his foolishness in concerning himself with just one thing, he thinks of nothing else and thus becomes proficient. He is a worthless person."  - Tsunetomo Yamamoto