UPDATE 12/23/99

"The bre'Unor Attack," along with three other Creation maps, was named as one of the eight "must-have" solo maps by Acrappa of myther.com in his excellent guide to solo maps. Thanks Acrappa! Pick up his guide here!

"The bre'Unor Attack" was the first third-party all-new solo map for Myth2. For months, it reigned as the only alternative for those with a taste for single-player warfare. Try it - you might like it. Some say it's still the standard to beat, though in all honesty there are other single player maps out there that are at least as good.

"The bre'Unor Attack is a classic now, an old map, but if you haven't played it yet, be sure to give it a shot. There are two meshes on two different texturemaps, new pregames, postgames, voices, heavy scripting, basically everything you'd expect from a quality solo map.

Thanks to Niré for his awesome texture map, pregames, and mesh modifications. Thanks to Ratphlegm and Sinister Minister for voices.
The bre'Unor Attack is incompatible with Leggo my Myth.

Here is some more info if you're still wondering exactly what this is:
The bre'Unor attack is single player or co-op and has nearly 280 scripted actions. There are scripted battles, waves of reinforcements, and more. The mesh itself is medium size with a beautifully done texture map, but gets reused many times. For example, when you assault the Bremon city walls, you must take out the major threats (dwarves) first and then lead an organized attack. Then the enemy attacks you from within the town, patrols attacking you from outside, and even mortar paratroopers parachuting back onto the walls after you clear them.

It combines offensive and defensive strategies that you must use with your units, bre'Unor (each with a heal), wolves, and your hero, a bre'Unor Shaman who is like a cross between Oderic and a Berserk and a journeyman. There is a pregame story and postgame screens, as well as numerous other features (like the secret that gives you exploding deer, hehe)

There is a second map that takes place on a night mesh, a super-charged hero varient. There are new voices recorded also. Have fun with it!


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