Myth Bolo

This is a co-op and multi map pack. Is uses the original bungie colour maps which reduces the download size considerably. However, there is lots of new scripting which makes the levels unique and interesting. The readme will deal mostly with the main map "Myth Bolo".

Myth Bolo is a fairly complicated plugin that has a steep learning curve but is a lot of fun once you know what is going on. Bolo was a great macintosh game where little tanks compete to control ammo/health bases and cannons. This map is an attempt to bring that style of play to myth. This has both a co-op and a multi mesh (possibly the only map specificly designed for deathmatch).


Duffs- Most important unit in the game. These are the equivalent of the little tank in bolo. Duffs are the only ones who can capture bases.

Little Builders- These are almost useless units that follow thier parent duff. They cannot go very far from their parent duff... he gets scared and runs back to him. They cannot attack, they can't take any damage. However, they can build paralyzing bush barriers. They pick up regular bushes and can place a paralyzing bush. The para-bushes are useful for defense. For example, you can block the entrance to your base wtih the bushes. A bush takes 3 duff bottles to destroy.

Ammo supplier(Baron)- Taunt(u) near the baron and he will give you some ammo. He only gives ammo if he is at full mana. The baron cannot be killed or moved.

Heal supplier(JourneyMan)-Taunt(u) near the jman and he will heal. He only heals if he is at full mana. The jman cannot be killed or moved.

Cannon-These will shoot at any enemy that is in sight. These cannot be killed or moved.

Poacher-These are used to defend the main base. Becareful though, they disappear overtime.

Troman-These are smaller, weaker versions of their Tro parents. They become vets very quickly. They are slow and can only melee.

Deer-This is the assassin target in the multi map.



Your duff starts with no ammo. You must find a ammo supplier, taunt at him, and collect one of the weapons he give. There are 4 weapon types in Myth Bolo


Littered about the map are little mini-flags. Most are located at the top of all the hills on the map. Taking a mini base will give your team cannons, ammo suppliers, healers, and possibly a reinforcement duff. There are 4 reinforcement duffs available or each team. They are obtained by capturing a hill in one of the 4 corners of the map. This makes the corners a little more strategic than some of the other hills


The co-op map included plays out like the CTF version of the multi... except it is your team vs the computer. The computer gets all sorts of advantages to make it challenging. They get respawns like deathmatch, you don't. they don't have to get ammo, you do.


There are 4 game types available.... some of which are non standard.

WW2 Myth Bolo

The bolo meshes are also here in ww2 form. The weapons should be self explanatory. But note that the soldiers start off with no ammo and 'T' tosses your ammo. The ww2 units are made by Santa's Head.

Bonus Co-op Meshes

Installation and Legal

Unzip and place 'bolo' in the 'plugins' folder. To get the co-op map, you may need to 'shift-click-new game' at the main menu and load the map once.

Thanks to all the testers(Kerewin, Savanarola, The God, Acme and others) that would put up having to download new versions of this plugin to help me test.

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation. The original Bolo was created by Stuart Cheshire. ww2 units made by Santa's Head(Craig goodman) --until the .Mac crap comes :(