Balls o' det' (aka "Balls of Death")

version 1.0

Balls o' det' (BoD) are a collection of plugins for Myth II that replace net game balls with unusual, generally destructive (and often fun) balls. Only one Ball o' Det should be active at a time.
Balls in Set#1 of Balls o' Det:
  • Bloody Dorf Heads
  • Bloody Pus Balls
  • CloudKill Balls
  • Disco Inferno Balls
  • Dissapearing Balls
  • Gunpowder Balls
  • Invisible Bloody Pus Balls
  • Lightning Balls
  • Loco (-motive antigravity) Balls
  • Warlock Fire Balls
  • Tribble Balls
  • Wight Balls
  • Wight Bouncy Balls
  • Wighty Wight Balls
    Descriptions of the balls in BoD Set#1:

    Bloody Dorf Heads replace netballs with dwarf heads that ooze pus and blood when they are poked or jostled. No death, no damage, they just leave a bloody gory trail. These are probably the most boring of the Balls of the Death. Now that we have that out of the way, on to some more interesting balls.

    Bloody Pus (Balls) are balls full of blood and pus that when bumped, trail ... (wait for it... you'll never guess - ) blood and pus! If bumped around too much, Bloody Pus Balls will explode like a wight chunk thrown by a ghol. Obviously if you have a long trail of pus trailing behind the ball when it "detonates" there are going to be some serious consequences. (Bloody Pus Balls were originally just harmless Bloody Balls, but since MonsterTool (and others) were so fond of the bloody gore trail, I made them a bit more deadly and they became Bloody Pus Balls. Plus, I just like saying "Bloody Pus Balls".).

    CloudKill (Balls) are balls full of a toxic red gas. When they "detonate" they release a cloud of this deadly red gas. The gas cloud hangs around a while before dispersing. Note: Because unded creatures do not need to breathe, poison gas has little or no effect on the undead. Note#2: Cloudkill balls are one of the balls du jour at Casa de 'OoH.

    Disco Inferno Balls set the ground on fire as you move them around, and when they "detonate" they ignite the ground like the warlock "ring of fire" spell. It can be difficult to push this ball around when you are being roasted alive.

    Dissapearing (Balls) are balls that occassionally dissapear when bumped. They are still wherever they were when they turned invisible, it's just that you can't see them (hence the clever use of the term "Disappearing" in their name). The next time they are bumped they will usually reappear. Of course if your unit wasn't already targetting the ball it can be difficult to find it to bump it to make it visible (you can't click on things you can't see). These are fun to hide in shadows or areas of scorched earth where their shadow won't give away their exact location.

    Gunpowder (Balls) are balls full of gunpowder. They leak a bit and leave a trail of gunpowder when they are moved around. They aren't as flashy as some of the more over-the-top Balls of Death, but they are very deadly when they explode.

    Invisible Bloody Pus (Balls) are just like the Bloody Pus balls, except that the balls are invisible. The trail of blood and pus can help you locate where these balls are located.

    Lightning (Balls) are magical balls full of electrical fetch lightning energy. They shoot lightning that arcs out to strike nearby units when they detonate, but not they aren't as deadly as Pus or Wight balls.

    Loco Fire Balls ('Loco' is short for "Locomotive antigravity") convert net balls into balls full of magical flammable energy. Once ignited they will travel in a line burning everything in their path. Once enough heat is generated the balls will float into the sky, then after burning themselves out they will gently float back down to the ground. [This ball was recreated because Frum expressed interest in a ball I made accidently that once ignited, burned a swath across a map until it crashed Myth. I had to tone it down a bit but so far it hasn't crashed Myth. This ball also accidently acts similar to how TS described "Balloon Balls", e.g. I didn't intend it to have these balls levitate, but the effect is kind of kewl so I kept that "feature" intact]

    Tribble Balls are similar to Where's Waldo Balls, but each replicated ball in turn replicates, etc, etc at a rate close to that of reproducing Tribbles. In a minute or two a small map will be covered with replica balls. Since only the original netball changes color when tagged this game is (barely) playable. Replicated balls inherit the color of whoever possessed the ball when it was created and retain that color until they are destroyed. Replica balls are only magical illusions e.g. they can not be moved by pushing them - the illusion can be destroyed with fire or explosives. [This ball doesn't have any replay value, it's just to show you how extreme and unusable balls could have been. You are free to acknowledge my restraint and concern and attention to balancing explosive death with gameplay balance with the rest of the balls\

    Warlock Fireballs explode like a warlock fireball explosion. The blast is not quite as powerful as a normal warlock blast, but if you are the one standing alone next to the ball when it goes off you *will* be toast, and I guarantee you won't notice that it's not quite as strong as a regular fireball. [notes: This is another candidate for the "Ball of Instant Death" crown. This ball uses suggestions for new balls submitted by Frumius Mob and MonsterTool]

    Where's Waldo Balls? replicate themselves when bumped. The replicated balls inherit the color of whoever possessed the ball when it was created. Replica balls are only magical illusions e.g. they can not be moved - the illusion can though be destroyed with fire or explosives.

    Wight Balls are full of wight gas that ignite when they are bumped too much. Wight balls' detonations are similar to a wight's though a little less powerful.

    Wight Bouncy Balls are like Wight Balls but they fly higher into the air and float gently down giving units a chance to regroup before they land.

    Wighty Wight Balls are not balls, they are wights that you can push around the map. They *act* like balls for scoring purposes, e.g. Steal the Bacon is now really "Steal the Wight", and "Balls on Parade" is not "Wights on Parade", etc. These wights are much mellower than regular wights, but even being basically non-violent wights, they will explode when pushed enough. [Two Saks suggested a wight that looked like a ball and I got confused and created the exact opposite. Oh well]

    Credits, and (She's so) Fine Print Questions? Comments? Suggestions? For the foreseeable future I can be reached at or You might find more of my Myth-related plugins and maps and things at Thanks to the fertile minds of my OoH ordermates for many of the ideas incorporated in these balls, or for a poke with a sharp stick when I felt like slacking off. Thanks to Baak for the Fear 101 refresher course, and many thanks to OoH and special guests for giving up valuable game time testing these. Balls o' Det' were created by vinylrake, using Fear, which was created and is copyright by Bungie, some material contained in BoD is in theory ©Bungie, but since Bungie is no longer the owner of Myth, and is no more than a department of Microsoft, I don't know if they really hold the copyright or not these days - but still Bungie should be acknowledged for creating such a great game and releasing the tools into the public domain even if they did later become one with the Borg. Any parts of BoD not covered by previous copyrights, or maybe the particular collection of items which make up Balls o' det' are ©2005 vinylrake. Feel free to use BoD however you see fit for non profit use. You can tweak them, include them on your own maps, just don't charge money for them or for anything that includes them. ps. If you do figure out a way to make money selling add ons for 8 year old computer games please let me know.