Blood in the Wadi

A Badlands production for Myth: The Fallen Lords Created by Setik( 

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About Blood in the Wadi

Badlands maps are offered free to the Myth community, however a great deal of time and energy has gone into the creation of these maps, and if you are interested in supporting the continued effort of the Badlands group, contributions or feedback is appreciated. We can be reached through e-mail at our website.


To use this .GOR, it must be installed inside your plugins folder. The plugins folder is located at Myth:Tags:Plugins. Once installed launch the Myth application and from the plugins list in the game options dialog select b_wadi.gor.

Copyright Notice

All images and unit modifications ©1998 Badlands. Any modifications or use of existing maps (including any of the included plugins) is prohibited. If you are interested in using any units or other plug-ins from this set of maps, please contact Created using: Despair by Kris Amico, MythTech by Mitch Crane, The Fallen Sounds, and MythEd.