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7/31/98 Wadi gets gor'ed: Well myth1.3 is out in beta form, so it was time to make the final version of wadi. :)

7/03/98 Wadi moves to BadLands:Well the time had come for me to get help and lend others a hand, thus the creation of "Badlands" Plague, Setik, Turin, Hoder,Manus Celer Dei and President Clark have set forth on starting this group of serious map makers. So far our efforts have paid off with all of our individual maps now nearing completion, it will make way for bigger and better things. So with out further rambling here is the new home for "Blood in the Wadi".

Editing tools used:
MythEd by @Soft
Despair by Kris Amico
MythTech by Mitch Crane
Blood in the Wadi Information:

Blood in the Wadi was Setiks first adventure into map making, it features a completely new mesh, texture, scenery, and even Elven units. A harsh desert with rocky dunes is contrasted with an old lake bed and nearby river bed, hence the hence the title "Blood in the Wadi". The word "Wadi" is an arabic word that describes a dry cracked river bed. There are currently five starting positions on the map. A Light, Dark, and Elven version will be available upon the final release.

Games: Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Balls on parade, Scavenger hunt, Territories, Flag Rally and Captures.

scenario I: Light
scenario II: Dark
scenario II: Hero

10/14 Warrior
 12/20 Thrall
 6/8 Archers
 6/8 Ghols
 2/4 Wights
 2/4 Dwarves
 1/2 Journeymen


1/2 Trow
 10/14 Berzerkers
 12/20 Myrmidons
 6/8 Soulless
 2/4 Fetch
 6/8 Dwarven Hero 

1/2 Trow
4/5 Archer Heros
4/6 Berzerker Heros
8/10 Warrior Captains
1/2 Dwarven Heros
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