The strangest map you'll ever love.

Have you ever had a conversation like this? If so, then you will love Blizzard of Oz.

If not, you'll probably love it anyway.

       Blizzard of Oz is the first WWII map to include WWII soldiers and regular Myth II units on the same mesh. It also features tank warfareRussian style... The 1941 German assault on the snowy terrain around Stalingrad was one of the epic theatres in WWII to feature tank vs. tank. The swift German Panzers and enormous Tigers faced off against Soviet T-85's in a combination of hit and run and entrenched artillery battles. The bitter winter snow was familiar terrain for the Soviet armor, but was a shock to the German infantry and mechanized cavalry. Even so, the deaths on both sides due to the frigid conditions gave rise to the joke that the deadliest soldier in this theatre was "General Winter".


** Use tents to heal and recieve 3 nades for the road **

       I'd like to dedicate this map to Hal 9000 and Attack Cat who have given up a lot of there time to help test this thing and balance Battle Royal ... thanks so much guys your the greatest.

Thanks to:

Santas Head for the use of his Titans plug-intesters: Hal 9000, Attack Cat, EyeSore, Stormtalon, Ven Jance, Cunbelin, Ragnarok, Sobo, Nthforcer, Inspect Her Gadget, Troll, Steven #A# and nHexane

Help with map: Soulsbane for his help with scripting the M*A*S*H tents and showing me the way. Also to Santas Head for the snowsoldier tag which makes the map that much better and for makin the titans units plug in the first place and to Pan for his bugle charge sound he made for me

And thanks to everyone on CPHL for being my entertainment in the background as I worked on this thing...

NOTES: TURN FOG ON ... trying to creat a blizzard feel . This Terrain is full of trees and other scenery items be advised that tanks do have a hard time manuevering(YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Also, I have decided to make the terrain all one type(snow). This meaning you can go anywhere even up the steepest slopes without slowing down(this works better IMO). Snow is also good for tracking a large group because they leave tracks in the snow. Ive also added some weird twists to some varients of game play so HAVE FUN AND PEACE OUT...

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by OzOne