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7/07/98 Blackwater Cove released:  Blackwater Cove public beta version 0.1 has been released featuring a dark and light version.  A new unit version may or may not be available in the near future. 
7/06/98 Blackwater Cove alpha11:  Blackwater Cove is the Badlands first map that was co-created. Currently in  late alpha stage this map should go into public beta soon.
Editing tools used:
MythEd by @Soft
Despair by Kris Amico
MythTech by Mitch Crane
Blackwater Cove Information:
Blackwater Cove is Badlands first cooperative foray into making a map with plenty of water, and wights! It features a completely new mesh, texture, scenery, and effects.  A  large beach and rocky terrain in the west and south surrounds a beautiful but deadly cove. This map should be a hit with anyone who loves the "pool party" game variant. large pockets of water deep enough to stash a wight or a pack of thrall make up much of the center and east of this map. There are currently five starting positions on the map. A Light, Dark, and possibly new unit version will be available upon the final release. 

Games: Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Balls on parade, Scavenger hunt, Territories, Flag Rally and Captures.  

scenario I: Light
scenario II: Dark
8/12 Warrior
 10/16 Thrall
 6/8 Archers
 6/8 Ghols
 2/6 Wights
 1/1 Journeymen
 2/4 Dwarven Heros
1/1 Trow
 8/12 Berzerkers
 10/16 Myrmidons
 8/16 Soulless
 2/4 Fetch
 2/6 Wights
 6/8 Dwarven Hero
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